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Why LPBW Fans Think Matt Treats Caryn Like A 'Business Partner'

Why LPBW Fans Think Matt Treats Caryn Like A 'Business Partner' Image
  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 10:29 AM

Little People, Big World viewers can't help but feel that Matt Roloff treats his girlfriend Caryn Chandler like the hired help, which isn't romantic.

Matt Roloff from Little People, Big World doesn't always come off as the most loving personality, with fans thinking that he treats his girlfriend Caryn Chandler like a co-worker. The couple first met while Caryn worked at Roloff Farms, managing the pumpkin patch. Now, fans wonder if their love is really just a working relationship.

In 2016, Little People, Big World viewers learned that Matt and Amy Roloff had ended their two-decade marriage. Immediately, speculation began to swirl, as many people believed that Matt had cheated on the mother of his children. Amy didn't stop the rumors and, in fact, hinted in her book that Matt and Caryn did indeed have an affair. Matt and Caryn have been together for a few years now, and they have even bought a winter home in Arizona. While it may look like they are in love, some feel that the spark has gone out.


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TLC viewers recently took to a Reddit thread started by Pumpkin-Adept to share their theories on Matt and Caryn's relationship. Most agree that the romantic scenes between Matt and Caryn feel strained and uncomfortable. Many fans flat out don't buy that the couple even has a love connection, as it seems like Matt has a pattern when it comes to how he treats his women. Just like Amy, the patriarch has been spotted trying to control and oversee Caryn's every move. To many loyal Little People, Big World viewers, it just feels as if the network is trying to create content and a storyline that really isn't there.

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Matt may not be used to acting like a loving and supportive partner because he has always been in charge of the family farm. The father of four has never taken a step back, and may not have seen his current partner Caryn or his ex Amy for who they were. For years, Amy ran the family home, which often gave Matt the ability to keep his distance. The same can be said for Caryn, as most scenes occur while both are working on Roloff Farms. Matt may only be able to see Caryn in worker mode, rather than in a more romantic way.

Currently, Little People, Big World fans, are watching Matt struggle with his choice not to sell the family farm to his son, Zach Roloff. The father and son have had a massive falling out over the choice, with Zach deciding to move away from Oregon. Matt may not always know how to interact with his family or take social clues, but fans are hoping that he learns how to be a better boyfriend soon.

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Source: Pumpkin-Adept/Reddit


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