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Real Housewives of Dubai: 10 Best Storylines So Far

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  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 10:29 AM

The Real Housewives of Dubai live it up on their premier season, and there are already several plotlines showing that the drama is as juicy as ever.

The Real Housewives of Dubai are gearing up for one of the most significant moments of the season with the wedding of Caroline Stanbury and Sergio. While this gathering is sure to be joyful, there is so much drama between the cast there will likely be a fight at the reception, if not moments before the ceremony.

The new cast of housewives is proving that just because they're the latest installment in the franchise doesn't mean they can't be as entertaining as the more established locations. There is no telling what will set these ladies off, but so far, the season has been filled with amazing drama and a few heartfelt moments, too.


10 Miss Goat - Ongoing

Animals aren't a common focus for The Real Housewives franchise storylines, but Dubai has proven they're doing things differently. Lesa thought Ayan's gift of a goat was too much to handle, but now that her kids have fallen in love with her, it looks like Miss Goat has traded life on the farm for a world of luxury.

Miss Goat provides comic relief for viewers and frustration for Lesa as she tries to handle the unexpected pet. It looks like Miss Goat will cause more mischief in the Milan house, making for hilarious moments throughout the season.

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9 Fashion Week - Resolved

Lesa Milan is the fashion queen of the Dubai cast and fashion week was her time to shine. Initially, this storyline seemed like it would focus on Lesa's thriving business and her new clothing line; however, it quickly turned into a drama fest as Stanbury, who had yet to fight with Lesa, was a no show because of Ayan.

This snub by Stanbury set the tone for this friendship moving forward but didn't overshine Lesa's show. The Fashion Week focus gave fans an inside look into the stress of being in the fashion world and how much Lesa values her brand.

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8 Thanksgiving - Resolved

The Thanksgiving episode provided a more heartwarming and wholesome storyline for the show as fans saw the blending of cultures between Nina and Lesa's traditions. As an immigrant in America, Nina and her family celebrated Thanksgiving. Still, now that she is in the UAE, Nina wants her children to experience some of what her childhood was like.

Lesa, also from an immigrant family, returned to her Jamaican roots for dinner. This was an excellent storyline to add to all the drama between cast members and offered fans a reprieve from the feuds that would pick back up later.

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7 New Moon Dinner - Resolved

The New Moon Dinner was supposed to be a place for all the ladies to lay to rest any negative feelings and start fresh. However, Ayan had different plans. Ayan took the dinner as an opportunity to confront Stanbury about why she didn't like her, and it quickly became hostile.

Both ladies had been gearing up for this showdown before they got to the meal since they each had a laundry list of insults to throw at the other. This was one of the few times Nina got upset during the show and participated in the drama.

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6 Nina's Father - On Going

Nina Ali hasn't gotten a lot of screen time compared to the other housewives this season, but that is changing with the new storyline regarding her father and his battle with Co-VID 19. While this storyline is not just for television, it provides a sense of relatability for viewers who have been touched by the virus and shows that regardless of social status, the pandemic has touched everyone somehow.

When accused of starting drama between Brooks and the rest of the group, Nina finally lets go and stands up for herself, showing fans she may be the most zen of the group, but she's no pushover.

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5 Caroline and Sergio's Baby Fever - Ongoing

The Real Housewives of Dubai aren't afraid to talk about their ages or their partners, especially Caroline Stanbury. Caroline and Sergio's age difference comes up multiple times over the season and plays a significant role in their decision to have a baby. Caroline seems unsure of having another child, as she already has three from her previous marriage, but she is willing to have another for Sergio.

However, Caroline's friends and daughter are adamantly against this, which will start more arguments in the future. This storyline will likely highlight the struggles of having an age-gap relationship and blending families.

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4 Lesa Vs. Caroline - Ongoing

Lesa felt like Caroline Stanbury was one of her allies in Dubai, but when they went toe to toe at a party, Lesa began to feel differently. Caroline crossed the line when she suggested that Sergio was making a move on Lesa because he was talking to Lesa and Ayan while Caroline was still in the throws of her feud with them both.

Even though some things about The Real Housewives are fake, this fight seemed genuine and continued to upset Lesa for days after. This argument has been set aside for now, but the hard feelings between these housewives aren't laid to rest yet.

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3 Ayan Vs. Caroline - Resolved

The Ayan versus Stanbury storyline kicked off the season, and fans aren't convinced it is over just yet. No matter what Ayan does, it seems Stanbury has an issue with it, whether it be her clothes, hair, or mere presents in the same room as her.

Viewers quickly learned that Ayan is not one to back down but was not pleased that she wasn't invited to Stanbury's yacht celebration. This storyline set the tone for the whole season and let viewers know that Dubai's cast is not for the faint of heart.

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2 Sara Vs. Brooks - Ongoing

Even though The Real Housewives of Dubai should avoid the Queen Bee trope, it is alive and well this season. Caroline Brooks has already proven that anyone who challenges her will regret it. Most recently, Sara was met with the full force of Brooks's anger as the two continued their feud over how they parent.

While the premise of the rivalry is justified, it doesn't seem like Caroline is only upset with Sara about this instance. There may be more to this fight than viewers realize, but they'll have to wait to find out, as episode seven ended on a cliffhanger.

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1 Caroline's Wedding - Ongoing

Caroline Stanbury and Sergio's wedding has been one of the focal points of the season. Almost every feud has had something to do with the wedding, whether it be people being uninvited from pre-wedding events to Caroline avoiding events that don't center around her pending nuptials.

The wedding is sure to go viral as Caroline is the most popular cast member based on Instagram followers and will stir up even more drama once the ceremony is underway.

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