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10 Harry Potter Memes That Are Too Funny, According To Reddit

10 Harry Potter Memes That Are Too Funny, According To Reddit Image
  • Posted on 12th May, 2022 20:40 PM

From Dumbledore's partiality to Gryffindor, to Harry's not-so-secret weapon, these Reddit memes will have Potterheads rolling on the floor laughing!

The realm of Harry Potter is a truly magical one, with nuanced characters, complex emotions, and the joys and pains of growing up in an enchanted but flawed world. However, it's not all serious (Sirius?). The characters tend to do some illogical and downright hilarious things, and fans are quick to make highly amusing memes out of them, especially on Reddit.

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From Dumbledore's partiality to Gryffindor, to Harry's not-so-secret weapon of Expelliarmus, the only way to truly express how ridiculous some of these events in the Potter verse were is to turn them into everyone's favorite means of online communication: memes.


How To Spot Dumbledore

Gryffindor House had its best and worst traits, but to Dumbledore, it was the only house that deserved to win. After a dry spell and no House Cup, Gryffindor started winning every year, even if it was losing, after Harry took admission — mainly because the Headmaster was very generous with last minute points to get them in the lead.

The practice was sweet the first time around, but when he did it every year, it just became obvious favoritism. Even other teachers like McGonagall, the head of the house, were well aware of this funny ritual.

The Power Of Expelliarmus

If one meme sums up Harry's character, it's this. The first time Harry saved himself by disarming his opponent, it was genius, but then it just became predictable. But Harry didn't care. Much like Po the Panda, Expelliarmus was his go-to weapon, simple yet inexplicably effective against the Dark Lord.

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It showed his hesitation to use Unforgivable Curses, and how he didn't want to hurt people even in war. It became his signature, and even worked against him in battle.

Always (Picking On Students)

Severus Snape could've been arrested for many things in the muggle world, especially because he even occasionally assaulted students in his classes. Being in Snape's class guaranteed some torment, and god forbid anyone got on his wrong side. Redditors decided to add one more method to Snape's arsenal for torturing poor Harry.

He was besotted with Lily Potter, and talking to Harry about his close relationship would have driven the young lad over the edge, more than any intimidation tactics that the Potions master had used previously.

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The Time-Turner Conundrum

Albus Dumbledore did many nonsensical things, and his use of the Time-Turner was one of them. It was a highly dangerous object, and to hand it to a thirteen-year-old Hermione, no matter how intelligent she was, was ridiculous.

On top of that, to not use the talisman to prevent unnecessary death seemed illogical, but he did just that. The Headmaster nudged the trio to save Buckbeak's life by twisting time, but apparently never thought to use it to save people's lives.

Triwizard Tournament > Super Bowl

To Potter die-hards, the Triwizard Tournament was equivalent to the Super Bowl for sports fanatics, but this cheerful event became very dark and tragic when the fake Barty Crouch Jr. interfered with it. Cedric was easily one of the most liked characters in the franchise, and his loss really hurt fans.

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The meme is very topical and the creator had their finger on the pulse, considering the recent advent of the Super Bowl. Harry Potter fans will never forget the end of the Triwizard Tournament, clearly.

A Surprise Tool

Another thing that fans take issue with is how Dumbledore raised Harry to be a pig for slaughter, saving him every single time until it was the right time for him to die. So, they took to Reddit to express their displeasure in the funniest way possible, using Mickey Mouse Clubhouse as the conduit for their sarcasm.

Albus basically used Harry like a weapon, making him fight battles meant for older people, knowing that he would have to be killed one day. Even Snape was shocked by this diabolical plan.

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If Lockdown Happened In Harry Potter

This meme might seem simple, but it's quite layered, which makes it much more amusing. Harry Potter had an eerily similar situation to COVID-19 lockdowns when the Chamber of Secrets was opened and children were being attacked. If the authorities had actually sent kids home, they would have a version of online classes that would look like this.

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Many have joked about how Zoom degrees and classes are farcical because of how easy it is to cheat, just like Gilderoy Lockhart was a fake hero with fake adventure stories. Combining it all together, this meme is a delicately layered joke.

We Are All Slughorn

One of the most underrated characters in Harry Potter, Horace Slughorn was basically everyone in 2022. Because of quarantine, everyone today is a forced introvert who is accustomed to staying in, doesn't really want to work, and avoids responsibilities because of the state of the world, and Slughorn was exactly the same.

Voldemort threatened to end the wizarding world as he knew it, and Slughorn had given up and turned himself into a lumpy armchair so that nobody found him. He was the 2022 mood, before 2022.

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A Bit Of Wordplay

Hagrid's iconic "You're a wizard, Harry" has been memed and joked about countless times, but it just never gets old. The interaction between the little Harry and big hairy Hagrid was sweet but comical, so some wordplay with his name and the Gamekeeper's predominant quality (all the hair) was bound to happen.

Redditors imagine how the conversation would have gone if Harry had been feeling a bit more funny than nervous in the hut that fateful night, and it's still pretty amusing.

Who Is The Worst Of Them All?

Few others could be as abhorrent as Voldemort, but Umbridge was arguably more villainous and despised in the eyes of fans. The two were evil incarnate, except one wore it on his sleeve, and the other hid it behind ribbons, cats, and lots of pink.

While Dolores Umbridge's ideologies matched Voldemort's puritanical ones, if they ever debated about who was the most hateful, Umbridge could probably defeat Voldemort with her go-to "You must not tell lies."

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