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10 Movie Monsters Made By Nature

There's something inherently devastating when the movie monster is a force of nature rather than an artificial or manufactured construct.

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10 Best Michael Shannon Roles, According To IMDb

From playing law enforcement officers to murder suspects to everything in between, Michael Shannon is one of the best character actors in Hollywood.

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Screen Rant's Top 5 Favorite Movies of 2017

The Screen Rant editorial team shares their top 5 favorite movies of 2017 - from innovative indie films to big-budget blockbusters.

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Every Guillermo Del Toro Movie, Ranked By Rewatchability

Guillermo del Toro is one of the world's most revered auteurs, but some of his movies, like Hellboy, warrant more rewatches than others, like Mimic.

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Horror Short Eel Girl Is The Flipside Of Shape Of Water

Eel Girl is a creepy horror short from 2008 that sees a scientist fall for a fish monster, but unlike The Shape Of Water, it doesn't end well.

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