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Marvel's Most Beloved Villains Agree They Were Introduced As Total Morons

In the landmark The Amazing Spider-Man #900, Electro reminds readers of the flawed logic behind the first attack of Marvel's iconic Sinister Six

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Morbius: 10 Places The Living Vampire Could Show Up Next

There are so many different places Morbius could show up in the Marvel Universe and here are some potential films and TV shows to look out for!

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MCU: The Worst Thing To Happen To 10 Major Couples

Many Marvel superheroes have found the one, but sometimes things out of their control change or hurt their relationship.

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Which Andrew Garfield Character is Your Zodiac Sign?

Best known for his role in The Amazing Spider-Man Andrew Garfield has played many roles throughout his career; which one fits your Zodiac?

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Amazing Spider-Man's Awful Ending Is Finally Cool in Marvel's Dark Future

In the darkest future of any world within the Marvel multiverse, Marvel Comics finally made The Amazing Spider-Man's awful ending actually cool.

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Marvel Claims Mary Jane is More of a 'Bad Girl' Than Black Cat

Spider-Man's Black Cat just opened up to Mary Jane by saying she's tired of being 'the bad girl.' MJ responds with a surprisingly different take.

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