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10 Great Documentaries To Watch On Disney+ If You Love Shark Week

Disney+ features several great documentaries from Nat Geo, and this means there is plenty to choose from when it comes to Shark Week documentaries.

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Jaws (1975): Every Death, Ranked Least-Most Gruesome

Even decades later, Jaws still makes people afraid to go into the ocean and part of that has to do with the bloody and gory kills throughout the film.

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The 10 Scariest Movie Sea Monsters, Ranked

The ocean is a scary place, which is why Hollywood has terrified moviegoers for decades by using different sea monsters, from sharks to mutated crabs.

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10 Upcoming Shark Week Shows Plus When & Where To Watch Them

Shark Week returns for the 34th year in 2022 with a fresh collection of shows depicting this predator's might. Where and when to catch the best shows?

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