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10 Most Rewatchable Alfred Hitchcock Movies

From classic capers like North by Northwest to tense thrillers like Psycho and Rear Window, some Hitchcock movies hold up to countless rewatches.

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The 10 Most Rewatchable Old Hollywood Movies, According To Reddit

Hollywood produced an uncountable number of films during its golden age, but while many don't hold up on rewatch today, these definitely do!

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Hitchcock's Most Ridiculed Scene Actually Made Perfect Sense

Alfred Hitchcock's classic North By Northwest is ridiculed for its seemingly illogical crop duster sequence, but the scene ultimately did make sense.

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Alfred Hitchcock Made The First James Bond Movie 3 Years Before Dr. No

The master of suspense, Alfred Hitchcock, inspired James Bond movies by making a spy thriller in 1959 with all of the same DNA: North by Northwest.

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