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How Tom Cruise Fixed M:I Rogue Nation’s Ending With One Decision

Christopher McQuarrie speaks about the climax of Rogue Nation and how Cruise himself saved it from being changed following rough test screenings.

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Every Mission: Impossible Movie, Ranked By Rewatchability

Every Mission: Impossible movie is a wildly entertaining spy thriller, but some of the franchise's entries hold up to more revisits than others.

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Every Time Tom Cruise's Hunt "Died" In The Mission: Impossible Series

Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt has performed many death-defying acts in the Mission: Impossible franchise, but here's how many times death defied HIM.

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Mission: Impossible's Wild Tom Cruise BTS Stories Explain Why Its So Great

Tom Cruise's wild Mission: Impossible BTS stories not only highlight his appetite for stuntwork but also explain why the franchise is so great.

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