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Did Tom Cruise Climb Mission: Impossible 2's Mountain Without A Safety Cable?

Mission: Impossible 2 opens with Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt climbing a mountain, but did he really perform this scene without safety cables?

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Westworld: 10 Thandiwe Newton Projects To Binge Before Season 4

Thandiwe Newton has returned as Maeve in the HBO drama Westworld. Here are other great performances in her filmography that are worth checking out!

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Every Mission: Impossible Movie, Ranked By Rewatchability

Every Mission: Impossible movie is a wildly entertaining spy thriller, but some of the franchise's entries hold up to more revisits than others.

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Every Time Tom Cruise's Hunt "Died" In The Mission: Impossible Series

Tom Cruise's Ethan Hunt has performed many death-defying acts in the Mission: Impossible franchise, but here's how many times death defied HIM.

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10 Terrible Sequels That Amazingly Didn't Kill Their Franchises, According To Reddit

Between a billion-dollar racing series and one that has its sixth installment in theatres now, these franchises have come back from the very worst.

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Mission: Impossible - Every IMF Agent Who Has Been Killed Off

The franchise's highly-skilled IMF agents were first introduced in 1996, but how many have been killed across all the Mission: Impossible movies?

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