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All Video Game Release Dates (August 2022)

August 2022 is filled with new video game releases, including the Saints Row reboot, Cult of the Lamb, and the latest Madden NFL installment.

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Madden NFL 23 Closed Beta's Biggest Changes

Madden NFL 23 recently held a closed beta, and player feedback will be used to bring dramatic changes to the football franchise's next entry.

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Madden NFL Fans Petition EA For John Madden Cover On Next Game

Following John Madden's recent passing, Madden NFL fans are petitioning EA to feature the famed sports broadcaster on the cover of Madden NFL 23.

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Madden NFL Predicts Super Bowl 56 Winner (& Is More Than Often Right)

This year's Super Bowl simulation, held in Madden NFL 22 by Electronic Arts, teases a tight game of back-and-forth between the Bengals and Rams.

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It's Always Sunny Music In Minecraft & Madden Confuses Rob McElhenney

The It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia theme has appeared in games like Madden NFL and Minecraft, leading to confusion amidst the show's stars.

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