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10 Actors Who Play The Same Character In Every Show

Viewers can't help but notice that these actors play the same role in every show. Even though they have potential, their typecast is evident.

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Why Does Harry Styles' Song Follow Clark In God’s Favorite Idiot?

The Harry Styles song "Sign of the Times" appears throughout God's Favorite Idiot, but what is the meaning of its inclusion in the hit Netflix sitcom?

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God's Favorite Idiot: 10 Movies & TV Shows Where You've Seen The Cast

The cast of God's Favorite Idiot has shown, throughout their careers, that they have tremendous talent. But where else have you seen them?

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God's Favorite Idiot: Characters Ranked by Likability

God's Favorite Idiot is carried by its zany cast. The characters all have their charms, but some come off as much more likable than others.

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