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Marvel's Most Powerful Villain Is Nothing Against a Shocking MCU Hero

Out of every villain in Marvel Comics one of them stands above the rest as easily being the most powerful, yet he was defeated by a shocking MCU hero.

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Captain America Has Officially Chosen a Side in the X-Men Vs Eternals War

As the terrible war between the Eternals and the X-Men escalates, the Sentinel of Liberty Steve Rogers has finally chosen a side in Judgment Day.

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Predicting Marvel's Six New MCU Movies Through 2026

Marvel Studios has six mystery MCU movie release dates through 2026. Here is a prediction for what films could be in the Multiverse Saga & Phase 7.

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Marvel's Thanos Secret Has Turned The Avengers Against The Eternals

The Avengers just confirmed that a big reason they don't trust the Eternals is because they kept Thanos' shocking return secret.

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Every Marvel Movie & Show Missing From Phase 5 & 6

At San Diego Comic-Con 2022, Marvel Studios announced several movies and show for Phase 5 and 6, but what about the MCU's other confirmed projects?

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