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You Wish Your Grass Looked As Good As It Does In FIFA 23

With 30 years of gameplay refinements putting FIFA at the forefront, EA Sports has turned its attention to the pitch itself in the upcoming FIFA 23.

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FIFA 23’s Women’s Teams Offer A Whole New Game

HyperMotion2 is bringing thousands of new animations to FIFA 23, and the result is a gameplay revolution for women's soccer in video games.

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11 Best EA Sports BIG Games, According to Metacritic

During its nine-year run in the 2000s, EA Sports BIG produced many arcade-style sports games. Which of their games were the best?

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FIFA & EA's Partnership Is Officially Finished, Replaced With Sports FC

EA has finally announced that it will be splitting with long-time partner FIFA and making self-branded soccer games, confirming months of speculation.

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FIFA Leaves EA: 10 Most Likely Changes To The Franchise

After countless video game collaborations, FIFA and EA sports are going their separate ways. So what is next for the colossal franchise?

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The 10 Best NHL Games, According To Ranker

The NHL's brand of exciting hockey action has translated well to the medium of video games. Ranker users have rated the best games of this kind.

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