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10 Directors With The Biggest Gap In Quality Between Their Best & Worst Movies, According To Reddit

From Ridley Scott to M. Night Shyamalan, these are the movie directors who've had incredible highs but also some catastrophic lows.

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10 Musicals That Are Actually Kinda Creepy

They might have the glitz and glamour of a big musical production with catchy songs and elaborate sets, but some musicals can get pretty eerie.

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10 Directors Who Were Nominated For A Razzie And An Oscar

The Razzies and Oscars represent the supposed best and worst of moviemaking each year, and some directors have been nominated for both!

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10 Movies That Will Become Cult Classics In 10 Years Time, According To Reddit

Between a couple of Nicolas Cage VOD movies and a remake of an already cult classic, these movies will find their audiences in due time.

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10 Worst Fantasy Movies Of The 2010s According To Letterboxd

Even though the 2010s saw the release of many great fantasy movies, there were also several that were not very well-loved, either then or since.

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