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Prey: 10 Movies With A Period Piece Prequel

With Prey (2022) getting massive praise for its setting, movie studios might be revisiting period piece prequels once more.

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10 MCU Villains That Were Defeated By Someone Other Than The Hero

Villains in the Marvel Cinematic Universe are always defeated eventually but their end is not always brought about by the movie's main heroes.

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Chris Evans' 10 Best Movies, According To Ranker

From his MCU roles as Captain America to smaller movies like The Nanny Diaries, Gifted, and more, find out how Ranker views Chris Evans' filmography.

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Chris Evans' Captain America Gets New Funko Pop! With Prototype Shield

Chris Evans' Captain America receives a new throwback Funko Pop! figure equipped with Steve Rogers' unpainted prototype vibranium shield.

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