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'Sword of Azrael' Changes Everything Fans Know About His Origin

Azrael is learning even more about DC Comics' version of the historical Knights Templar in the one-shot Sword of Azrael: Dark Knight of the...

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Azrael the 'Replacement Batman' is Finally Getting The Story He Deserves

DC finally addresses Azrael's issues from the past in a new solo that focuses on Jean-Paul Valley's complicated relationship with the System.

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Every Wolverine Movie Leaves Out the Darkest Part of His Healing

Wolverine must fight the Angel of Death whenever he heals from a wound that should have killed him, something X-Men films omit - for good reason.

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Azrael, DC's Edgy Batman Replacement, Returns in Epic New Miniseries

Batman's hyper-violent replacement, Azrael, returns to the DC Universe in a new miniseries to save a soul from the same path that ruined his life.

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Azrael Finally Gets The Following Batman's Replacement Deserves

Azrael once replaced Batman, and in Batman Beyond the White Knight, readers learn that Jean Paul-Valley now has a cult following.

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The Bat-Family's Most Dangerous Member is Also Their Most Underrated

Azrael is one of Batman's most unhinged allies, but Arkham City: The Order of the World shows that he is the Bat-Family's most dangerous member.

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