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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How to Turn On Auto Battle

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  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 08:14 AM

Turning on auto battle will make Xenoblade 3 fights go smoother. However, it doesn't work against bosses and players still need a strong character.

Auto battles can make Xenoblade Chronicles 3 much more manageable. This system will make the player character act just like other AI-controlled teammates. This can be a great way to farm items or kill other pesky monsters. But it doesn’t function in every fight, so players will still need to understand the fundamentals of combat.

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is a long adventure. The main story could take upwards of 60 hours, and side quests will expand that to several hundred. That isn’t even touching post-game or replaying the whole adventure via New Game Plus mode. Auto battle is a great way of toning down any repetition.


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The auto-battle does have its limits and isn’t for every situation. The AI-controlled member still needs to be equipped with defensive gear, Master Arts, and a fitting Xenoblade Chronicles 3 class. Without some planning, the party will still be in danger.

Combat Options in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The auto-battle function can be accessed in the gameplay options menu. While out on the field, first press X to bring up the party screen. Scroll down to “System”, followed by “Options” and last “Game”. The choice to toggle on “Auto Battle” will be near the bottom of the long list. Players need to record their Xenoblade Chronicles 3 options selections, as simply exiting the menu will not turn on auto-battle.

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Computer Controlled Rules

The auto-battle feature only works while fighting normal enemies. For unique enemies, bosses, and other major story encounters, players will still need to manually fight. While this will temporarily disable auto battle, it will turn back on in the next Xenoblade Chronicles 3 encounter. Players that want to fully stop auto-battle will need to toggle it off again in the options menu.

Characters under the effect of auto-battle will have no input from the player at all. This includes deciding when to move, which Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Master Arts to deploy when, the best time to use Ouroboros mode, or make commands to the team. This can lead to situations where the party might stand in a field hazard, ignore dropped loot, or get stuck on awkward terrain.

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It is recommended to use auto battle on an already powerful or simple party member. Good class options are mostly straightforward Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Attackers like those using Yumsmith, Flash Fencer, or Stalker. It can also be a useful, less complex Healer like Signifer or Troubadour. Typically, if players have been comfortable using a Hero, a main character of the same class will function similarly to auto-battle.

For those who are still finding auto-battle to be a bit unpredictable, it can be temporarily turned off by pressing the minus button. This will only last for the current Xenoblade Chronicles 3 encounter, and the function will turn back on in the next encounter. However, if already in combat auto-battle will not suddenly turn on if new monsters join the fight or the party attempts to flee.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is available on Nintendo Switch.

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