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Xenoblade Chronicles 3: How To Recruit Fiona

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  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 21:14 PM

Recruiting Fiona in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 requires players to reach Chapter 5 and enter Cadensia Region, where they encounter her on Conchrock Beach.

Fiona is a Hero in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 who serves as the commander of Colony Mu, a settlement of the Agnus nation located in the Erythia Sea of the Cadensia Region. Her gentle and affectionate personality fits her role as a Signifer unit, a Healer Class that provides buffs and supportive effects to allies. As a Healer, Fiona possesses Arts that can recover the HP of party members in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and boost their attack power or defensive capabilities. Such skills will undoubtedly come in handy when fighting challenging Unique Monster or Elite Enemies in the open world of Aionios.


To recruit Fiona in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, players must complete her correlating Hero Quest, "Transparent Dreams." Before this quest can be initiated, players must reach the Cadensia Region, which becomes accessible during the fifth chapter of the main campaign. After getting the Boundary Ship, travel to Conchrock Beach, located northwest of the Vinisog Holm Camp. Once the protagonists arrive, they can encounter Fiona on the beach of the island. It is recommended that players accept her request for aid after reaching Level 45 or higher.

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Fiona will ask that the player lend their strength to save her people, the colonists of Colony Mu. Afterward, she will temporarily join the protagonists' party in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Next, the adventurers must go to four points of interest on the island and complete their objectives. Once this is done, a Keves Strike Team will appear. Defeat all the enemies to finish the scenario, after which Fiona and her comrades will return to Colony Mu.

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Recruiting Fiona In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

After saving Fiona's people, meet with her at Colony Mu to begin "Transparent Dreams." Below are the steps for completing this Hero Quest:

  • Step 1: Head to the Colony Mu Viewing Deck to attend Fiona's meeting.
  • Step 2: Gather information regarding the Old Battle Records by speaking with Shu.
  • Step 3: Investigate Colony Mu's warehouse supplies by speaking with Nico.
  • Step 4: After completing the investigation, go to the Canteen and discuss the findings with other party members.
  • Step 5: Confront and defeat Moebius I, a fused entity in Xenoblade Chronicles 3
  • Step 6: Once the battle is over, return to Fiona, who can be found at the Bed of Woes and Wishes Landmark. Speak with her to complete the "Transparent Dreams" Hero Quest and recruit her into the party roster.
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Two of Fiona's core Arts are Resonant Flag and Cry of Faith. Resonant Flag is a Combat Art that allows Fiona to pass on her buffs to other party members during a battle, and Cry of Faith is her Talent Art which applies two random enhancements to allies. Cry of Faith is quite unreliable in providing the buffs the player might need in a given moment. Nevertheless, it is a fun mechanic in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 that adds some spontaneity to combat.

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Xenoblade Chronicles 3 is available on Nintendo Switch.

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