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Worst Bosuns Of The Below Deck Franchise

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  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 08:28 AM

The Below Deck franchise has had a lot of bosuns come and go. While some are fan favorites, others miss the mark on what good leadership means.

Bosuns on the Below Deck franchise carry a lot of responsibility on their shoulders, which is why many of them don't make it very far. Not only do they have to worry about the safety of the crew, but they also have to make sure the charter guests are safe and well taken care of. Below Deck bosuns are also responsible for overseeing all the water sports, which means making sure the water slides are inflated and the jet skis are fueled.

A bosun’s responsibility also means being the eyes of the captain during docking. With limited visibility in the wheelhouse, the captain needs specific distances between the boat and the dock. Docking in Below Deck is always met with much fanfare. Oftentimes, the charter guests watch how the crew handles docking, and they notice every little mistake.


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During Below Deck season 5, Captain Lee Rosbach started the charter season without a bosun. The deck crew was so green they forgot to untie one of the lines before the yacht pulled away. The bow hit the dock, causing Captain Lee to utter some angry words. He brought in EJ Jansen to lead the team, which ruffled lead deckhand Nico Scholly’s feathers. The two engaged in a power struggle, causing EJ to utter the famous phrase, “It’s my deck now, buddy boy.”

Chandler Brooks Below Deck Season 6

Chandler Brooks often had a deer-in-the-headlights look during his time on Below Deck season 6. The bosun lacked leadership skills, which frustrated the deck crew when they scrambled around with no direction. One of Chandler’s worst moment’s during his season was when he dropped a charter guest while carrying her from the tender to the beach. After Captain Lee received multiple complaints from the deck crew, he finally let him go, much to Chandler’s relief. Captain Lee promoted deckhand Ross Inia to bosun, and he proved to be a much better leader than Chandler.

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Ashton Pienaar Below Deck Season 7

Ashton Pienaar was a deckhand on Below Deck season 6 and got promoted to bosun for season 7. Although he was good at his job, he lacked managerial skills and often had deckhand Rhylee Gerber feeling undervalued. He seemed to favor his male deckhands, and many fans complained about his misogynistic ways. After he attempted to kiss chief stew Kate Chastain and then, on a later day, berated her aggressively in a van, fans slammed him as one of Below Deck’s creepiest bosuns. Below Deck season 7 had toxic male energy, and many blamed Ashton for leading the pack.

Raygan Tyler Below Deck Mediterranean Season 7

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Many Below Deck Mediterranean fans had high hopes for Raygan Tyler, the second female bosun on the franchise. However, viewers quickly saw that she did not have the chops to follow in Malia White’s footsteps. The Below Deck Med crew were two deckhands short for the first charter due to COVID-19 restrictions. Despite their busy schedule, Raygan was often seen taking smoke breaks and letting new deckhand Jason Gaskell do all the heavy lifting. When Mzi Dempers and Storm Smith finally arrived, the deck team was still unorganized due to Raygan’s lack of leadership. After Raygan misjudged the distance between motoryacht Home and a buoy, causing Captain Sandy to sideswipe the side of the boat, the incompetent bosun had Sandy searching for a new open. So far, Raygan seems like the worst bosun to ever appear in the Below Deck franchise.

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