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Wonder Woman Gets Redesigned Costume in Fanart DC Can't Afford to Ignore

Wonder Woman Gets Redesigned Costume in Fanart DC Can't Afford to Ignore Image
  • Posted on 07th Aug, 2022 18:13 PM

New DC Comics fanart from artist Hannah Alexander depicts a gorgeous royal costume redesign for Wonder Woman that DC would be fools to ignore.

She’s a daughter of Themyscira and entrusted with bringing peace to the outside world, but DC’s Wonder Woman is also a fashion icon. Now, a new piece of fan art from artist Hannah Alexander leans into Princess Diana’s Amazonian heritage, giving her costume a redesign that perfectly captures the character’s regal, warrior spirit.

Wonder Woman has had various costume alterations since her debut in 1941. Ever since she traded in her star-spangled skirt for a pair of star-spangled shorts, Princess Diana has changed up her look every so often to keep up with the times. Perhaps the most controversial of these changes was when Diana lost her powers and learned martial arts from master I-Ching, donning various mod styles of the 1960s in a clear attempt to capitalize off the success of Emma Peel, portrayed by Diana Rigg in the British Avengers TV show. However, in spite of all the various changes, it usually isn’t too long before Wonder Woman returns to the classic red, blue and gold outfit, even if it is tweaked every so often.


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Diana gets yet another update to her classic look, courtesy of recent fan art posted to artist Hannah Alexander’s Twitter. Describing them as sketches, the overall quality looks good enough to be considered finished art. Alexander provides several designs for everyone’s favorite princess from Themyscira, each playing around with the recognizable colors and shapes of the iconic Wonder Woman costume, whilst adding in cultural and historical details to make the artist’s designs stand out as her own. Take a look at Hannah Alexander’s exemplary work below:

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Alexander’s artwork recalls Wonder Woman’s movie costume, turning what was essentially a one-piece bathing suit in the comics into an armored battle-suit. The pleated armor skirt and strap-on boots are clear homages to Gal Gadot’s screen version, but Alexander adds creative touches entirely her own, such as armored shoulder pads, a flowing cloak of red and blue and lavish earrings. Each design looks alternately ready for battle or a walk down the red carpet, playing into Wonder Woman’s dual status as both a deadly warrior and a world leader. Perhaps the most striking element of Alexander’s designs are the multicolored fabrics utilized in her cloaks and shawls, giving off the impression that Diana’s flowing robes are constantly shifting color as she moves.

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Whatever the future holds for the Themysciran princess, DC would certainly be wise to take Hannah Alexander’s designs for Wonder Woman to heart when next updating the character’s look.

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Source: Hannah Alexander

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