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Why The Alien Changes At The End Of Nope

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  • Posted on 29th Jul, 2022 13:15 PM

Nope's UFO-like antagonist "Jean Jacket" shapeshifts into an entirely new form at the end of the film. What was the meaning of the change?

style="text-align: center;">WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers for Nope.

The ending of Nope showed the alien, nicknamed Jean Jacket, morph into a jellyfish-like creature after taking on the appearance of a classic UFO design for most of the film. The creature's physiology was unique and defied many people's expectations of what the antagonist might look like. Nope leaves many mysteries unanswered, but hints dropped throughout the movie may explain the creature's behavior.

The teasers and trailers leading up to the release hinted at a 1950s-style alien film with little grey men abducting people and horses. Nope even made fun of the speculation by including a scene where people dressed up in alien costumes scared OJ (Daniel Kaluuya) at the family ranch. Peele ultimately throws a curveball at audiences with the reveal that the UFO is actually a sentient creature of its own. However, whether the creature is genuinely from outer space is unknown.


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Explanations given throughout the film might explain why Jean Jacket changes shape at the end. While a full explanation of Nope's alien and UFO is never shared, its predatory nature hints at the startling change. Jean Jacket's behavior is similar to deimatic behavior in creatures like octopi. When threatened, octopi may make themselves appear much larger and camouflage themselves in order to frighten away predators. In fact, "deimatic" originates from a Greek term that means "to frighten." The behavior is typically reserved for prey or threatened animals, perhaps suggesting that despite its imposing presence, the alien is intimidated.

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What The Alien's Change In Nope Really Meant

Although Jean Jacket showed typical predatory behavior, such as establishing its territory and attacking living organisms that make eye contact, it is also very cautious. It typically used a stationary cloud to camouflage itself above the ranch at Nope's filming location Aqua Dulce. Jean Jacket's shapeshifting at the end of Nope meant it viewed the Haywoods as a viable threat. With OJ's experience training animals, he becomes aware of some of the creature's habits and deduces its weaknesses, such as its inability to digest inorganic matter. OJ and the other protagonists arre also able to predict its movements by the creature's effect on electricity and surrounding technology. Realizing the danger the Haywood family presents, Jean Jacket likely puffs up to meet their challenge.

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With NopeJordan Peele has reinvented the classic UFO film. Jean Jacket's transformation has been described online as resembling biblical angels. A close comparison can be seen between the alien creature and the angels in the popular anime Neon Genesis Evangelion. It makes sense, as Peele is known for drawing inspiration from a multitude of sources for his films. Whether the anime inspired Nope's alien or not, the ending hints that it may be humanity, and not the alien, that is the bigger threat.

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