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Why Married At First Sight Fans Are Calling Season 15 Unwatchable

Why Married At First Sight Fans Are Calling Season 15 Unwatchable Image
  • Posted on 06th Aug, 2022 01:13 AM

Married at First Sight season 15 has a brand new cast of strangers getting married, but several problems are making the show hard to watch.

Lifetime's Married at First Sight season 15 is being called unwatchable by fans who have found several problems with the latest iteration. Fans love watching the show to see couples beat the odds and end up making a genuine connection, but that does not seem to be a priority for the matchmakers anymore. MAFS fans think the drama has gone stale and the show has gotten too repetitive over the years.

MAFS has a brand new cast of hopefuls looking to marry a stranger, but they also added two new experts to guide the new couples. DeVon Franklin and Dr. Pia Holec will help the couples over the eight-week social experiment, and fans hope they add a new energy to make the show more interesting. So far, Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago have become frontrunners for their immediate chemistry, but even they are having big issues already. With this season only at the honeymoon stage, fans are looking for a bit more connection between the couples and are getting disappointed.


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Married at First Sight fans have said that the show has been on a decline since season 8. They blame the casting choices, as there no longer seems to be a priority on matching couples who have anything in common. The producers cast the show to create drama, but many fans miss when some of the couples were likable and seemed to have a real chance of staying together. Fans have called MAFS season 14 a mess for many reasons, including Alyssa Ellman and Chris Collette being one of the worst couples in the show's history. Only one couple from season 14 is still together, and fans were hoping for a better outcome in season 15.

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MAFS fans want at least one couple to root for each season and r/Ok_Sea2850 says, "There's literally no couples this season that I care about." Other Reddit users agreed, with r/RichardBlaine41 saying, "It's not just that all the couples are clearly matched for drama...its the boredom and how everything is so stretched out." After 14 seasons of watching MAFS, which has the same format each season just in different cities, it is getting old for some viewers.

The fact that each episode is two hours long also slows the pacing of Married at First Sight, drawing out the drama to fill the time. Though there are some fans who think the show's drama comes off as too produced and the cast is not charismatic enough, there are others who think season 15 is a major improvement from season 14. Many fans consider the end of the honeymoon the turning point of the show and are hoping that the couples bring the romance as well as the drama to keep it interesting.

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