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Why LPBW's Amy Roloff Is Living Her Best Life In Kiddie Pool Pic

Why LPBW's Amy Roloff Is Living Her Best Life In Kiddie Pool Pic Image
  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 07:45 AM

Most Little People, Big World fans love it when Amy Roloff is happy, and a recent Instagram photo really showed off her joyful spirit.

Amy Roloff from Little People, Big World was beating the heat in a backyard kiddie pool, and giving off some extremely happy vibes. A lot of fans think that she's living her best life. The mother of four and grandma of seven seems to be settling into married life quite comfortably. Amy can't help flaunting her happiness after a train wreck marriage to Matt Roloff.

Little People, Big World premiered in 2006, to rave reviews. TLC fans loved watching Amy and Matt raise their four children, Jeremy, Zach, Molly, and Jacob Roloff, on the family farm, where anything was possible. Amy played an important role at home, as she always cooked, cleaned, and raised the children. Matt was usually off inventing fun games for Roloff Farms, or concentrating on the pumpkin patch. After years of turmoil, though, Amy and Matt decided to part ways, choosing divorce over reconciliation. Luckily, both have found partners that they have moved on with.


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Followers of Amy couldn't help but notice that the TLC star was living her best life in a recent Instagram photo. Like much of the country, Oregon is feeling the effects of a heatwave, so instead of sweating it out, Amy chose to relax in a delightfully chilly pool. The Little People, Big World star shared a photo of her slim figure, as she hung out in her "little pool" with a fun lemon motif. Followers rushed to the comments to share their thoughts, with one fan writing, "That bathing suit is gorgeous Amy!!" Another wrote, "I wish I had Amy's life!" There is no doubt that the cook is living her best life, surrounded by those that she loves.

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Amy's followers couldn't help but notice how much happier she is since she left Matt and his farm drama behind. Amy has definitely started to take better care of herself, and looked much healthier (and more relaxed) than in old photos. It became apparent that Amy was much happier sitting in her inflatable "lemon pool" with a lemon drop martini than she ever was basking in the big pool at the main house. Fans love that Amy is now with Chris, who respects her, instead of having to watch her put up with Matt's gaslighting.

The latest season of Little People, Big World is coming to an end, with the Roloff family still being torn apart. Matt decided not to sell Roloff Farms to Zach or Jeremy. In fact, he priced them out completely. This caused hurt feelings, especially for Zach, who has been the only one to continue on with the show. Instead of working out their differences, Zach chose to move his family an hour away. Thankfully, Amy is still holding her family together. For now, she will enjoy summer, and contemplate the future from her sublime mini-pool.

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Source: Amy Roloff/Instagram

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