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Why Ethan Plath Didn’t Deserve The Jamaica Birthday Trip From Olivia

Why Ethan Plath Didn’t Deserve The Jamaica Birthday Trip From Olivia Image
  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 15:28 PM

WTP star Ethan Plath hasn't been very supportive of his wife Olivia, and some fans believe that he didn't deserve his Jamaica birthday trip from her.

The Welcome to Plathville star Ethan Plath has yet to show viewers that he is deserving of the birthday trip that his wife planned for him in Jamaica. The Welcome to Plathville cast member hasn't been treating Olivia Plath well, so most fans don't think that he deserves a birthday trip to Jamaica from her. He's really lost fan support, mostly due to how he relates to his wife.

The Welcome to Plathville pair got married back in 2018, and their marriage has been quite troubled, in part due to interference from his mom, as well as the way that he was raised. He left his parents' farm to start a new life with his wife, away from his mother, who doesn't approve of his spouse, Olivia. While the fans have sympathized with him over Kim Plath and his poor communication skills, which he never got to develop as a child due to being isolated, he doesn't seem to be putting in enough effort with Olivia. Therefore, he may not be able to overcome his problems with her.


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His rocky relationship with Olivia, who has changed a lot during the marriage, recently had a bright spot. She surprised him with a birthday trip to Jamaica for his 24th birthday, which viewers have strongly suggested he didn't deserve. This is due to him seemingly not caring about his wife's emotional well-being. He previously dismissed her feelings during a memorial for the late Joshua Plath, when she had a meltdown. He didn't consider it important to inform his wife that his mother. with whom Olivia has had a long and traumatic relationship, was going to be at the event. Ethan doesn't seem to be ready to change his ways, and keeps going behind his wife's back, or not bothering to include her, or not factoring her feelings into most decisions. Some Plathville fans on Reddit were not particularly happy with that, and u/Catsonkatsonkats wrote, "Ethan needs to learn how to communicate and comfort his traumatized wife. My sweet husband would always make sure I was ok if I was melting down, and we would make decisions together."

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After watching recent episodes released by TLC, viewers are appalled by just how emotionally distant he is with Olivia in their marriage. It has left her in a position where she has to put up with a lot from him and his family, and she may feel alone as she faces those challenges, especially in an emotional sense. The show's fans don't believe that he has done anything to justify his actions, as he's failed to apologize for his wrongdoing. It doesn't seem like Ethan is ready to learn and move on from his trauma with Kim, or the troubling aspects of his marriage. He would rather just sweep everything under the rug and act like nothing is wrong, even though something clearly is.

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Most Welcome to Plathville viewers believe that Ethan and Olivia's marriage is doomed to fail if things remain the same. They believe that not having had the chance to discover themselves as individuals before being forced into marriage will eventually lead to a permanent split. Some fans still hold out hope that things will take a turn for the better, as long as some underlying issues are addressed.

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Source: u/Catsonkatsonkats, Reddit

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