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Where To Watch Steven Universe Future Online (Netflix, Hulu, Prime)

Where To Watch Steven Universe Future Online (Netflix, Hulu, Prime) Image
  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 07:15 AM

Steven Universe Future serves as an epilogue to the Cartoon Network show and here's where to watch it online and if it's on Netflix, Hulu or Prime.

Here's where to watch Steven Universe Future online, and whether or not the epilogue series is on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime. Steven Universe arrived on Cartoon Network in 2013, with the series being created by Rebecca Sugar. It didn't take long for the series to receive critical acclaim, or to be ranked alongside other great Cartoon Network series like Adventure Time. Steven Universe follows the titular character, a young boy who is half-human and half-Gem. He lives in Beach City alongside his alien Crystal Gem guardians Pearl, Garnet and Amethyst, who both protect Steven and show him how to harness his abilities.


Steven Universe was more than just a colorful adventure series, and while it had action and humor, it also tackled subject matter involving mental health, depression and LGBTQ themes. That's part of the reason Steven Universe was so well-received. For a beat, it appeared the show would end with 2019's Steven Universe: The Movie, but it was later confirmed a limited series named Steven Universe Future would properly close out the show.

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Steven Universe Future is a 20-episode epilogue that follows Steven and his guardians following the events of the movie. The gang have established "Little Homeworld" following the liberation of the Gem empire. Steven Universe Future - which revealed the Universe family name origin - sees its protagonist growing up and deciding his own future while choosing to help others and dealing with his own trauma. Steven Universe Future isn't currently streaming on Netflix, Hulu or Prime, but it can be found on other platforms.

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Where To Watch Steven Universe Future Online

According to JustWatch, Steven Universe Future can be streamed on services like DirecTV, HBO Max, Spectrum and - of course - Cartoon Network. It's also available to purchase from the likes of Vudu or Amazon Prime. Like the original Steven Universe show, Future received great reviews for its focus on what happened to its heroes following the supposed climax of the main saga.

It's a bold choice for a cartoon show to focus its last season on characters processing trauma, their mental health and its main protagonist evolving from a boy to an adult. Steven Universe Future's finale "The Future" is sure to bring a tear or two to those who loved the show. Sugar hasn't totally ruled out future chapters in the franchise either. She claims to know what happens next, but she also wants to take some time away from the series and give Steven himself a little time to "heal" also.

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