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Where to Get Quadwing's Indulgence in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

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  • Posted on 06th Aug, 2022 15:14 PM

To get Quadwing's Indulgence in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, players must find and slay Quadwings, flying creatures found within the Aetia Region.

Gathering resources for crafting Gems is an essential activity that Xenoblade Chronicles 3 fans will find themselves doing throughout their playthrough, and Quadwing's Indulgence is one such resource required for making particular Gems. As one might suspect from the item's name, Quadwing's Indulgence comes from Quadwing, a territorial owl-like bird with four wings. Quadwings come in various plumages, depending on the regional habitat in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 in which they reside. These mobs tend to stay perched on high branches and treetops during the daytime but actively fly about after nightfall. Therefore, if players prefer a slightly easier means of reaching these creatures, they can change the time of day to night in the world of Aionios.


However, before adventurers head out in search of Quadwing for their Indulgence in Xenoblade Chronicles 3, it is recommended that they prepare accordingly by buffing themselves before combat. The Quadwing variant that players will be hunting is the Level 9 Ruga Quadwing of the Aetia Region. Enhancing one's units before fighting such low-level creatures might sound absurd, but it is the drop-rate-related buffs that fans should seek before embarking.

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For example, the Crumblecrunch Block Bar increases Enemy Drop Boost by 35%. Manana can cook this meal and similar ones at any Rest Spot in Xenoblade Chronicles 3. Additionally, wearing accessories that enhance a unit's ability to inflict Burst is also beneficial since Burst bolsters the rate at which enemies drop their loot after death.

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Farming Quadwing's Indulgence In Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Once preparations are complete, head to the Alfeto Valley of the Aetia Region. This area is northwest of the Millick Meadows and directly south of Melnath's Shoulder. Throughout this area, players can find multiple Ruga Quadwings flying near the main trails. One can be found south of the Sepulchral Cliffpath, a Landmark that leads to the Forward Post Camp. Several more are located in the western section of the Gura Flava Lowlands and north of Volff Lair. Exploring these sections while hunting Quadwings should yield several stacks of Quadwing's Indulgences in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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The best way to farm Quadwing's Indulgences in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 would be to find a preferable spot to slay Quadwings with a nearby Landmark for fast-travel access while farming. For instance, players could slay the mobs by Sepulchral Cliffpath, Skip Travel to Gura Flava Lowlands, and clear the monsters there. Next, return to Sepulchral Cliffpath in the Alfeto Valley and repeat the process. This method, including the drop-rate buffs, should net players more than enough Quadwing's Indulgences in Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

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