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Where to Find Beanie in Bear and Breakfast

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  • Posted on 08th Aug, 2022 11:14 AM

To complete the "On the Road" Quest in Bear and Breakfast, the player must deliver a letter from Oliver to a mysterious character named Beanie.

During the "On the Road" Quest in Bear and Breakfast, Oliver, the Bus Driver, tasks Hank with delivering a mysterious letter to someone named Beanie. The player can initiate this quest by speaking with Oliver, who can be found living in the parked buses to the east of the hotel. Since the community lacks a proper mail carrier, it is up to Hank, the lovable animal protagonist in this indie sim, to take the mail contents to the receiver in Sawdust. However, the dilemma of this task is that the player has yet to come across anyone named Beanie. Therefore, this quest in Bear and Breakfast can be pretty tricky to complete.


Fortunately, Beanie's location in Bear and Breakfast is not difficult to find, as she can be typically found in a fixed spot within Sawdust during a specific time of the day. To enter Sawdust, the player can either open the map and select the region which sits above The Thicket. Alternatively, Hank can enter the area via the connected road west of his hotel in Timber Crossing.

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To complete the "On the RoadNPC quest in this charming indie management sim Bear and Breakfast, Hank must find a park ranger named Sabine, whom Oliver refers to as "Beanie." She can be found in the tall watchtower in the northernmost area of Sawdust after nightfall.

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Finding Beanie In Bear And Breakfast

To help those still having trouble finding Sabine's tower in Bear and Breakfast, here are several steps that players can take, as seen in the video from Snuggly Gamer:

  • Step 1: Enter Sawdust, the region northwest of Timber Crossing.
  • Step 2: From the map's eastern side, walk westward, passing several lampposts along the way.
  • Step 3: At the fourth lamppost, face up and head north through the woods.
  • Step 4: After reaching the watchtower, take the stairwell to the vantage point to find Sabine's post.
  • Step 5: Speak with Sabine to learn that Beanie is her nickname and deliver Oliver's letter to receive a Compass.
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The Compassin Bear and Breakfast is a map navigational feature in this indie title that offers an Area Map overview of the region Hank is currently in. By selecting the small globe-like icon to the top-right of the minimap, the player can view where Hank is, including important landmarks and structures within the location. After delivering the page to Sabine and obtaining the Compass, the player will receive "On the Road Again," a quest continuing "On the Road."

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Bear and Breakfast is available on PC and Nintendo Switch.

Source: Snuggly Gamer

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