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What Lucifer Is Planning For The Sandman Season 2

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  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 09:29 AM

Lucifer ends The Sandman season 1 with an ominous threat of revenge against Dream. Here's how the story plays out next in The Season of Mists.

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Lucifer Morningstar (Gwendoline Christie) was humiliated by Dream of the Endless (Tom Sturridge) in The Sandman and here is what vengeance the Devil is planning for season 2. For those familiar with FOX and Netflix's Lucifer TV series, the Devil's backstory echoes The Sandman because Tom Ellis' incarnation of Lucifer Morningstar is actually a variation of the character created by Neil Gaiman in The Sandman comics. Lucifer's next move in The Sandman is reminiscent to how and why the Devil decides to move to Los Angeles in Lucifer, but The Sandman brings more dimensions to what the First Among the Fallen does next in The Sandman season 2, which will adapt Gaiman's next two volumes, Dream Country and The Season of Mists.


In The Sandman episode 4, "A Hope In Hell," Morpheus descends into the underworld to regain his stolen helmet, which came under the possession of a demon named Choronzon (Munya Chawawa). The demon challenged the lord of dreams to play "The Oldest Game" with the winner getting the helmet, but if Dream lost, he'd become a slave of Hell for eternity. Dream agrees but Choronzon chose Lucifer Morningstar to be his champion. Morpheus outwitted the Devil and won back the helmet, embarrassing Lucifer in front of the assembled legions of Hell. Thus, Lucifer swore revenge and promised he would destroy Dream of the Endless. At the end of The Sandman season 1, Lucifer ominously promised Mazikeen (Cassie Clare) that his next move is something he has "never done before" that "would make God absolutely livid" and "bring Morpheus to his knees." Little does Dream suspect what the Devil is planning.

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Netflix's The Sandman made a wise and crucial change to how events in Hell played out in the comics. In Gaiman's printed page, it was Choronzon who faced Dream in The Oldest Game and lost. By switching Morpheus' adversary to Lucifer, it makes the Devil all the more humiliated by losing to the dream king. Thus, Lucifer's upcoming act of vengeance in The Sandman season 2 will be even more personal. But there are also twists ahead that will indeed leave Morpheus shocked and reeling when The Sandman season 2 adapts The Season of Mists storyline.

Lord Azazel & The Silver City Explained

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The climactic moments of The Sandman season 1 introduced another demon, Lord Azazel, one of the Dukes of Hell and a general of Hell's armies. Azazel urged Lucifer to strike back at Morpheus by waging war on the Dreaming. Absorbing the realm of dreams would be stage one in Hell's overall plan in its war against Heaven: since the demons aren't permitted to leave Hell, they can instead "expand its borders" to conquer the Dreaming, the waking world, and eventually, even the Heaven itself. Azazel in Netflix's The Sandman is identical to the demon in Neil Gaiman's comics except for one crucial difference: in the graphic novel, Lucifer shares ruling hell with Azazel and another demon, Beelzebub, in a triumvirate. But in Netflix's The Sandman, Lucifer is the sole ruler of Hell and the fallen angel is the final word in all infernal matters.

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Lucifer also mentioned the Silver City, which is, essentially, Heaven in The Sandman's universe, but not quite. The Silver City is an unreachable domain where the angels reside, including Lucifer Morningstar before he rebelled and was banished to Hell 10 billion years ago. No one may enter the Silver City, but God Himself resides beyond it in Heaven. A version of The Silver City was seen in the final seasons of Lucifer, and Netflix's The Sandman will likely show it when it adapts The Season of Mists in season 2.

Lucifer's Plan For The Sandman Season 2

As the story plays out in The Season of Mists, Lucifer drops a completely unexpected bombshell on Dream of the Endless: The Devil decides to abdicate the throne of Hell and he leaves the key to the infernal domain to Morpheus. Lucifer sends all of the demons away, leaving Hell empty, and gives the entire realm over to Dream. This instigates a feeding frenzy of various supernatural entities like Thor, Loki, and Odin of the Norse gods, the Egyptian gods, the Faerie, and the demons, including Azazel and Choronzon, coming to the Dreaming to contest the ownership of Hell. Meanwhile, Lucifer makes good on his promise to quit; the Devil has Morpheus cut off his wings and he departs for the mortal realm.

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Lucifer's revenge on the Sandman is the burden of being in charge of Hell. Further, it's a thumb in the eye of God, who requires Hell to exist as a reflection of Heaven, just as Dream posited to Lucifer that Hell has no meaning if the damned couldn't dream of Heaven in The Sandman season 1. Meanwhile, another important factor in The Season of Mists is the fate of Nada, because rescuing his former lover so he can make amends is the reason why Morpheus will decide to return to Hell in The Sandman season 2. Lucifer leaves Nada out of his plans so that she, instead, becomes a pawn in Azazel's plot to place Hell under the control of the demons in The Sandman season 2.

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The Sandman Season 1 is streaming on Netflix.

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