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The Sandman: 8 Possible Setups And Expectations For Future Seasons

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  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 08:45 AM

Many Easter eggs were dropped in season 1 of Netflix's The Sandman. Where could the future of the Neil Gaiman series be going?

style="text-align: center;">WARNING: MAJOR SPOILERS for The Sandman season 1 and comic series are discussed in this article.

The recent arrival of Neil Gaiman's The Sandman on Netflix has provoked quite a reaction in both longtime Sandman diehards and casual comic fans alike. Much has been made of the engrossing cinematography and the well-financed budget that the streaming service ponied up to finally commit Gaiman's masterpiece to the screen.

Endless internet discussion continues regarding the tweaks to the source material, the necessary condensing of the wealth of content, and the changes to long-established characters and story arcs. Season 1 had plenty of foreboding Easter eggs and comic callback hints as to what might transpire in future seasons of The Sandman.


Lyta Hall Has Begun Her Journey Toward Vengeance

Much of The Sandman series' comic narrative is driven by Lyta Hall's resentment and quest for vengeance upon Morpheus, whom she blames not only for ruining her illusory dream world with Hector Hall, but also the conscription and eventual demise of her son Daniel. Razana Jamal's slow-burn interpretation of a Lyta slowly circling a drain of grief is a near spot-on translation from the books.

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While still limited to the parameters of season 1's amalgam adaptation of Preludes and Nocturnes and The Doll's House, Lyta's already revealed her distrust and anger toward the Lord of Dreams, and as diehard fans are aware, she'll have a huge impact on Morpheus' future.

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The Key To Hell May Be Handled In A Different Manner

One of the most beloved story arcs throughout The Sandman series is Season of Mists, wherein Lucifer resigns their post as ruler of Hell and gives its ownership key to the Dream Lord, who must then resolve to whom the much-coveted spiritual realm rightfully belongs. A fair amount of the Netflix adaptation has changed what occurs during Morpheus' visit to Hell to retrieve his helm, such as Lucifer battling him in the oldest game rather than the demon Choronzon.

The final scene of season 1's episode 10 shows the demon Azazel petitioning Lucifer to invade the dream lands, which is a radical difference from the comics stories. It may be simply a teaser for audiences rather than an outright deus ex machina, but showrunners might want Gwendoline Christie's Lucifer as more of an antagonist adversary before they follow canon and have Lucifer retire from their post.

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Matthew's Expanded Role Throughout The Series

One of the best surprises of season 1 has been Patton Oswalt's Matthew the Raven and his vastly expanded role in the initial story arcs for The Sandman. Though Matthew does play a vital part in comic canon, Gaiman has added much more dialogue and screen time for Dream's feathered familiar. It was the right call, as Oswalt's stellar voiceover work provides a humanistic, grounding contrast to Morpheus' stoicism and aloof detachment from much of his surroundings and subjects.

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If season 1 is any indicator, that will undoubtedly remain as a regular part of the show, with Matthew hopefully appearing in many future scenes, moments, and places he originally wasn't in the comic book series.

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Desire Will Be Desire

An integral component of The Sandman's story progression is the ongoing machinations of Desire to bring about Dream's downfall. Season 1 showed this following comic canon, as Desire impregnated Rose Walker's great grandmother while Dream was imprisoned, thus setting into motion the birth of a family-born dream vortex which Morpheus would have to slay.

Though their plan ultimately failed, Desire impressed upon their twin sister Despair that next time they tried they'd definitely draw blood, so to speak. Audiences can expect much more from Desire even in season 2 where the devious sibling taunts Morpheus about his former love Nada, thus setting off one of the Sandman's best storylines, Season of Mists.

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More Splash CGI Homages To The Comic Books

One seminal fan pleasure in seeing comic book adaptations come to live action is witnessing how creators and cinematographers might faithfully render flashpoint splash page moments from the comics onto the screen.

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The Sandman has a wealth of on-screen scenes dedicated to the varied artists who worked with Gaiman on the comic run, including Morpheus' escape from Roderick Burgess' dungeon to the birth of Goldie the Gargoyle. There's little question that future segments will similarly respect the original source material with more comic fan service moments.

A Game Of You Looks Beautifully Rendered

Another pending module in the saga of the family members of the Endless would be the A Game of You collection of stories, which diehard fans know would be one of the most difficult arcs to adequately depict onscreen due to its fantastic fantasy setting. Fans were treated to a brief teaser of Barbie and her childhood imaginary friend Martin Tenbones in season 1, and the CGI required to faithfully deliver a realistic depiction of Barbie's adventures looked top-notch.

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While only a minor character within the scope of The Doll's House, Barbie gets her spotlight in A Game of You, wherein she battles a malevolent entity named The Cuckoo, also helping set up the framework for The Kindly Ones, the penultimate installment of The Sandman.

The Fringe Aspects Of The Serialized Canon Story Will Be Properly Addressed

It might be tempting to Sandman producers to focus exclusively on the main storyline of the Endless, but that would be doing a disservice to the exquisitely complex essence of Gaiman's original work. Season 1 of The Sandman took the time to showcase one of the comics' finest moments in dedicating its sixth episode, 'The Sound of Her Wings,' exclusively to Dream's older sister Death as well as his hard-won and longtime associate Hob Gadling, both characters who take integral supporting roles in the story of Morpheus.

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It bodes well for future installments that one-off stories will feature in pending seasons, many of which stand among Gaiman's finest storytelling, particularly those told in the famed compendium Dream Country, such as A Dream of a Thousand Cats and A Midsummer's Night's Dream.

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In truth, The Sandman's debut season didn't feature too many of the residents of the Dreaming, other than a handful of characters like Cain and Abel, Gregory and Goldie the Gargoyles, Lucienne, and Merv Pumpkinhead. It did render a solid amount of its settings though, including the ruined and repaired images of Dream's castle, Cain's House of Mystery and Abel's House of Secrets, the Gates of Horn and Ivory, Fiddler's Green, and Lucienne's library.

As shown within Gaiman's repository of talented artists over the years, viewers can expect to see many more characters and places appear, including Eve and her cave, the Fashion Thing, and expanded levels of the castle itself.

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