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Stranger Things: Season 4 Characters As Hilarious Vines

Stranger Things: Season 4 Characters As Hilarious Vines Image
  • Posted on 06th Aug, 2022 00:14 AM

Each Vine video is made by unique creators that can be easily related to Stranger Things characters due to the random and distinctive similarities.

Stranger Things season 4 highlighted a few hilarious moments that were shared between the kids and adults in the show. With a series full of relatable characters navigating high school, relationships, friendships, and more, the jokes and quips are a breath of fresh air amongst the tension of fighting an immense evil.

Though the app has been closed since 2017, it's still a source of hilarity that now serves as a time machine for those who were around for its heyday. Much like Stranger Things, Vine was full of relatable content that takes viewers back in time and there happen to be plenty of Vines that sum up the personalities or storylines of many Stranger Things characters.



Max has a few captivating moments where she is in Vecna's grasp and her fate is uncertain. Like a horror out of The Exorcist, she is lifted high into the air while her friends are terrified down below.

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This hilarious Vine brings a lighter twist when compared to Max's scenario. With the High School Musical song blasting, the person in the video is lifted to unplanned heights by a large group of students. The humor in comparing it to Max's involuntary flights is ironic and comical.

"...Run" - Steve With Demogorgon Bats

Steve is a beloved character who almost died in Stranger Things season 4 and not just on one occasion, but many. The first encounter that he had with evil in the Upside-Down in season 4 was with the deranged Demogorgon Bats who tried to eat him alive before he was saved by Nancy, Robin, and Eddie.

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Similar to the man trying to stop the picnic tables in this Vine, Steve quickly realized he was outnumbered. When fighting a force so strong and numerous, it's important to remember to "...RUN" when survival calls for retreat.

"He's On X-Games Mode" - Max & Lucas

This Vine highlights a guy skating who stops to do a trick on the side of a building. The narrator of the video both explains the trick and also teases the man on the skateboard by sarcastically saying, "OooOooh, he's on X-Games mode..."

The friendship of the men in this video is similar to the joking and teasing relationship that Max and Lucas share throughout the series. With Max herself being an adept skateboarder, the correlation is all too humorous and easy to make.

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"Oooh, Look At Us..." - Will

Stranger Things season 4 highlighted a darker point in Will's life where he felt more isolated and invisible than ever before. The entire season, it's an unspoken desire of his to share his feelings with Mike but instead he watches his friends' relationship in despair.

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This hilarious Vine is created by a man who is also soured by other people's relationships. Whether it be the lack of reciprocated love in his own life, or the frustration of being alone, this man and Will likely share similar outlooks about feeling unseen.

"You Goin' To Jail" - Eddie & Chrissy

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Eddie Munson takes credit for a lot of the funny quotes spread throughout season 4. His dynamic and captivating character begins his journey into horror while he unwillingly witnesses an invisible force murder Chrissy right before his eyes.

The man in this Vine is jokingly arresting a person for "breaking the laws of physics," which is comparable to how Eddie must have felt while watching Chrissy levitate. Since Eddie couldn't see Vecna, the initial shock of seeing a person float would be unsettling for any viewer.

"Kiss One Another, Die For Each Other" - Mike & Eleven

This Vine is hilariously accurate when it is compared to any relationship that quickly escalated in seriousness. Starting out innocent, the man goes from flirty to fully committed no questions asked, which makes the dramatics even funnier.

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This Vine is similar to the intense escalation of Mike and El's relationship. What started out as innocent love in season 3 where they would share kisses while hiding from Hopper, consequentially surged into a "ride or die" reliance on one another.

"Do You Trust Me?" - Dr. Brenner & Eleven

Dr. Brenner carries one of the biggest flaws among the Stranger Things characters. His intense paranoia and need for control are suffocating for Eleven and viewers. Repeatedly, he would deceive and manipulate Eleven in his efforts to utilize her skillset.

This hilarious Vine follows a father-son duo as the boy is directed to trust fall off a ladder and into his dad's arms. The irony of the father letting his son fall to the ground while saying "Never trust anybody" is eerily comparable to Dr. Brenner in Stranger Things.

"You're All Going To Hell" - Vecna

Some of the best scenes in Stranger Things revolve around the crew either piecing together Vecna's past or fighting him one on one. It is evident that Vecna had the same outlook on life since he was young - people are useless, unreliable, and deserve to die.

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The comical interaction between the boy in this Vine and the others is comparable to Vecna's outlook on humanity. He sees himself above everybody else and condemns them to a fate that he feels is far below him.

"I Want A Church Girl" - Dustin

Dustin met his long-distance girlfriend, Susie, in season 3 and they fell head over heels. The relationship continued in season 4, and while there was little interaction between the two, the Surfer Boy Pizza crew met Susie and her family up close and personal.

Susie's life as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is comically portrayed by her huge and wild family. The man in the Vine is all too easy to compare to Dustin who loves everything about Susie, from her Bible reading to computer hacking skills.

"How Do You Know What's Good For Me?" - Hopper, Eleven, & Mike

This Vine that was taken from a snippet of The Real Housewives during a heated debate is iconic. By slapping a hilarious filter on the women screaming at each other, the viewer is led to laugh at the absurdity and relatable argument on either side.

This Vine is more amusing when applying the situation to the Stranger Things dilemma between Hopper, Eleven, and Mike. In season 3, the rift caused between the characters was as awkward and as seemingly unrepairable as in this Vine. Luckily, season 4 brought the characters back together through closure.

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