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Stranger Things: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Maya Hawke

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  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 10:15 AM

Most recognized as Robin, there are many sides to Maya Hawke, the young talented Stranger Things and Fear Street actress beyond her famous parents.

Stranger Things actress Maya Hawke, who plays Robin Buckley on the show, is one of the best aspects of the series. Her performance as a witty high school student and her friendship with Steve made her an instant favorite amongst viewers, as well as being the show's first openly gay character.

It is widely known that Maya Hawke is the daughter of famous actors Ethan Hawke and Uma Thurman, but that is just one of many interesting facts about the actress. Fans of her character on Stranger Things may be unaware of how many roles she's taken on outside of the series, as well as her life outside of acting.


She Played Jo In Little Women

There have been many productions of Louisa May Alcott's classic novel Little Women in the past few years, most notably the 2019 Greta Gerwig film starring Saoirse Ronan. What fans of the book may not be aware of the BBC miniseries from 2017.

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In the miniseries, Hawke played the lead character, Jo March, an aspiring writer who lives with her three sisters in Massachusetts during the American Civil War. The series was well received, with many critics praising Hawke's performance.

She Is Also A Musician

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Many musicians have starred in movies sporadically throughout their careers, but actors who make music in-between films and television are a little more rare. Many viewers who have enjoyed Hawke's acting on screen may be unaware she is also a singer-songwriter.

Maya's debut album, Blush, came out in 2020, and she has directed her own music videos, as does her father Ethan Hawke. Her second album, Moss, will be released in September 2022.

Acting and Writing Helped Her With Her Dyslexia

Hawke has opened up about how dyslexia meant that she was kicked out of mainstream school. Hawke, however, says she does not "suffer" from dyslexia, and that it is one of "the great blessings of my life" (via NPR).

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It was her interest in the arts, particularly music and drama, that she found via dyslexia, and that helped the future actress and musician find her passion. Her parents, both artistic themselves, "did a wonderful job of encouraging me to be creative", Maya explained (via NPR).

She's Worked With Her Dad Before

Although many acting families may choose to live out separate artistic endeavours, Hawke is happy to work with her fellow actor father, Ethan Hawke. The pair have collaborated on a new series, The Last Movie Stars, but not as actors.

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The documentary series is directed by Ethan Hawke, and adapts a lost memoir from actor Paul Newman, with George Clooney playing Newman, as well as a host of other actors playing important people in the late actor's life. Maya is an interviewee for the movie, helping bring interview transcripts of the star to life.

She Didn't Know Robin Would Be A Lesbian Until Filming

Robin emerged as a favorite Stranger Things character amongst fans ever since her debut in season 3. The bathroom scene where she came out as gay to Steve Harrington was a highlight of the season as well as the start of Steve and Robin's buddy dynamic that has become one of the best aspects of the show.

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When she auditioned for the show, Maya was unaware that Robin would be a lesbian, as it wasn't in the script. The decision wasn't made until after filming had started, and Maya called Robin's sexuality "the most obvious choice ever" looking back on the series (via The Wall Street Journal).

She Dropped Out of Julliard To Pursue Acting

Hawke's acting talents at an early age were enough to get her admitted to Julliard, the world-famous performing arts school, producing famous alumni like Viola Davis and Adam Driver. Hawke however, did not graduate from the school and left early without a degree.

As strange as it seems, Hawke actually had to leave Julliard for the sake of her acting career. She was cast in 2017's Little Women and couldn't fit it in with her studies, a choice that may have been the best decision she's ever made (via Elle).

She's Acted In a Quentin Tarantino Movie

Before Stranger Things season 3 was released in July 2019, Maya had a hidden cameo in Quentin Tarantino's Once Upon A Time In Hollywood earlier that summer. Maya appeared as "Flowerchild", AKA Linda Kasabian, a real life member of the Manson Family cult.

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This is a nod to the fact that director Quentin Tarantino has worked closely with her mother, Uma Thurman, in Pulp Fiction and the Kill Bill movies. Maya has said she has known the director "all her life" (via BuzzFeed).

She Was Almost Ariel In The Little Mermaid

A live-action remake of Disney's 1989 animated film The Little Mermaid is due to be released in 2023, starring Halle Bailey. Of course, Disney is just one version of the Hans Christian Anderson fairy tale, and another live action adaptation was cancelled.

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Hawke was considered for the role in this darker adaptation compared to the Disney version. The film was due to be directed by Sofia Coppola with Hawke as Ariel, before she was dropped as director and Universal wanted to make a film with a new director and Chloe Grace Moretz as lead, before ultimately being cancelled.

She's Going To Be In A Marvel Project

Some familiar faces for Hawke have been in recent Marvel projects. Her Stranger Things co-star David Harbour portrayed the Red Guardian in the 2021 film Black Widowand her father Ethan Hawke was the antagonist Arthur Harrow in the series Moon Knight.

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Hawke is making her own venture into a Marvel comics adaptation, voicing a character in the upcoming animated television series Marvel's Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaurdue for release in 2023. Hawke's specific role has not been disclosed yet, so this will be a pleasant surprise for both Marvel and Stranger Things fans.

She Has A Sense of Humor About Her Parents

While some actors may shy away from talking about their famous families. Hawke, however, is perfectly happy to joke about the fact her last name immediately links her to her father.

On Instagram, the Stranger Things star's bio is simply "Tony Hawk's daughter". This tongue-in-cheek description on her social media is self aware of her public perception, as well as joking that she's actually related to the famous skateboarder of a similar name.

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