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Star Wars: 10 Unanswered Questions That Would Make Great Stories

Star Wars: 10 Unanswered Questions That Would Make Great Stories Image
  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 16:14 PM

There will always remain big unanswered questions in Star Wars, many of which have the potential to be great stories.

Stories continue to be churned out by Star Wars, with TV shows, movies, comics, video games, and novels all coming through the pipeline at a relentless pace. Even with all that content focusing on so many different characters and time periods, there will likely always remain big unanswered questions in the franchise, many of which have the potential to be great stories in their own right.

Some characters' fates are unknown, while others have whole chunks of their life missing from the canon. Then there are bigger questions about broader topics that fans have had for a while. All of them have the potential to be great stories.


What Is Snoke's Deal?

Many still feel rightfully let down by the entire Snoke/Palpatine reveal in The Rise of Skywalker, and there is no doubt it has put a bit of an anchor on the canon, which continues to (rather successfully) try to make sense of it all through the likes of Shadow of the Sith.

However, many questions still remain regarding Snoke, with fans still unsure about the extent of his knowledge and power. Did he know about Exegol? How independent was he? Were there ulterior motives there? Did he kill Rae Sloane or have her killed in his rapid rise in the First Order ranks? Was he loyal to Sidious? What was the deal with the other Snokes in chambers on Exegol? There are many questions that many a talented author and illustrator could handle wonderfully.

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What Is Quinlan Vos' Post-Order 66 Story?

One of the best Easter eggs in Obi-Wan Kenobi comes when Obi-Wan mentions Quinlan, a former Jedi and friend of his known to have survived Order 66 for years. With that mention, fans are even more desperate for his story.

Vos has always been fascinating in Legends and canon, a maverick Jedi and someone who so often went against the grain of the Jedi Order. A big chunk of his story is known through the incredible Dark Disciple, but now fans want to know what did he do after Order 66? Who did he help while utilizing the path? Did he survive to the time of the original trilogy? Did he meet the likes of Cal Kestis, perhaps? His story has many possibilities.

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How Did The Ghost Crew Come Together?

The stories of how Hera and Chopper met and how they consequently found Kanan Jarrus have been told, as has the whole crew meeting Ezra on Lothal. But, fans are still a bit foggy on how Zeb and Sabine joined the crew.

They are aware of what catalyzed their leaving their home worlds, both suffering tragedies in that regard, but how they actually came across Hera, Kanan, and Chopper and joined the team is a story yet to be told. It would be especially interesting to see how Sabine came on board as a teenager, given her trust issues. The entire future of the Star Wars Rebels characters after the show also raises unanswered questions, but it looks as though these will be answered in Ahsoka.

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How Did Maz Kanata Get The Skywalker Lightsaber?

One of the longest-lasting questions of the Star Wars canon thus far is that surrounding how the Skywalker lightsaber got from Bespin all the way to Maz Kanata's castle on Takodana.

The last glimpse of it fans get following Luke losing it on Bespin is when an Ugnaught comes across it. This story is not exactly a sprawling, enthralling saga that should play out on-screen, but it can make for a satisfying and fun comic subplot that would ease many minds.

How Did Rex, Gregor And Wolffe Come Together?

Despite Star Wars: The Clone Wars wrapping up exceptionally, the story of the clones is far from over, with Star Wars: The Bad Batch continuing to further their role in Galactic history. One set of clones fans want closure on in that show is the trio of Rex, Wolffe, and Gregor.

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Thus far, fans have gotten explanations of how Rex and Gregor survived Order 66 and left/did not join the Empire, but there is no sign of Wolffe. Given that Rex is shown to be a fighter and leader thus far in The Bad Batch, it will be fascinating to see what leads him to be the retired veteran he is in Rebels, with Rex confirmed to appear in the second season of The Bad Batch, fans may get this answer soon.

What Is Yoda's Species, And Where Do They Come From?

Fans still go back and forth on whether or not they want to know more about this mysterious, green, and seemingly powerful species. Are they better with mystique and little-to-no backstory, or should history be given to add to the characters?

Whether it is for the best or not, there is no doubt that finding out about the species would be fascinating and would make for some potentially incredible stories. Finding out who these people are, what their civilizations were like knowing, whether or not they are all Force-sensitive, and their general history as a people is a mouth-watering prospect for Star Wars fans who want to know it all.

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What Happened To Barriss Offee?

The last fans saw of Barriss Offee, she confessed to her crimes of bombing the Jedi Temple and framing Ahsoka Tano, all while lambasting the Jedi Order. Her future beyond that has fascinated fans for years now.

The prevailing theory has usually been that she became an Inquisitor, but as more and more of the Inquisitorius reveal themselves, the odds of that decrease. Fans would love to know what happened to her post-Order 66, whether she escaped captivity or not and whether or not she stuck to her dark path.

How Did Maul End Up On Malachor?

Like the likes of Leia, Darth Vader, and Obi-Wan Kenobi, Maul so often elevates the content he is in, and his story always has new elements and directions that keep him fascinating - even with the constant lust for revenge against Obi-Wan looming.

Despite how often Maul has popped up in canon, though, there is a big gap in his story between the time he taught Qi'ra on Dathomir and when he is getting hunted by the Eighth Brother on Malachor (this coming in arguably the best episode of Rebels). How did Maul get there, and was he happy to abandon his criminal Empire? The story of Crimson Dawn post-Maul's death continues to be told, but the details of Maul's arrival on Malachor remain a mystery.

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How Did Luke Skywalker Meet Ahsoka Tano?

Perhaps one of the best moments to happen in a live-action Star Wars show to date came when Ahsoka Tano and Luke Skywalker had a conversation in The Book of Boba Fett; especially when Ahsoka gives audiences another terrific quote: "So much like your father."

That moment is tear-inducing levels of heartwarming, and now fans are desperate to see more of these iconic characters together. Dave Filoni has stated he knows how they met but has not yet found the place to tell the story. Fans will patiently yet anxiously await this inevitably crushing, brilliant story. There are many other questions unanswered surrounding Ahsoka, but they will all hopefully be answered in her upcoming titular show.

What Happens After The Rise Of Skywalker?

Star Wars is delving into a few periods of the Star Wars timeline right now, exploring the High Republic as well as post-Order 66, the 'Mando era' post- Return of the Jedi, and in amongst the original trilogy through comics. Post-sequel trilogy currently sits on the sidelines.

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The post-Rise of Skywalker conversation raises many specific questions; does Finn become a Jedi with Rey? Does Rey start her own Jedi Order in the name of the Skywalkers? Who is in love with who amongst these characters? What happens with Chewie, Artoo, and Threepio? In general, fans just want to know what happens after the sequel trilogy. Whether in a TV show or movie or whatever, the potential for stories to be told in this time is endless, and so many questions are waiting to get answered.

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