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Southern Charm: Why Paige DeSorbo Is A Good Match For Craig Conover

Southern Charm: Why Paige DeSorbo Is A Good Match For Craig Conover Image
  • Posted on 07th Aug, 2022 17:13 PM

Southern Charm star Craig Conover seems content in his relationship with Summer House's Paige DeSorbo. The two might just be a perfect match.

Fans have watched Southern Charm’s Craig Conover’s relationship with Summer House star Paige DeSorbo develop over multiple franchises, and it’s apparent they are the perfect match for each other. Craig was a young, single law student when he first starred in Southern Charm season 1. He introduced his girlfriend Naomie Olindo in season 3, and fans thought they were the perfect couple.

During Southern Charm season 4, viewers witnessed the breakdown of Craig and Naomie’s relationship. Naomie and Craig were living together at the time, and both seemed to have different goals. Naomie was going to school for her master’s degree while also working at her parent’s restaurant. Craig had given up on law school and was tinkering around their garden and sewing for fun. Naomie eventually got tired of his lack of motivation, and the two eventually split up.


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Craig found love again with Paige DeSorbo after they starred in Winter House together. While their relationship was strictly platonic at the time due to Craig’s relationship with Natalie Hegnauer, they started seeing each other after the Southern Charm star found himself single again. Since they started dating, Craig has made appearances in Summer House, and Paige has been a regular fixture in Southern Charm season 8. In the most recent episode of Southern Charm, Craig mentioned how he preferred tea more than coffee, and Paige responded sweetly with, “You be you. Drink what you want.” 

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Paige seems to accept Craig for who he is, and he has shared that the Summer House star fully supports his Sewing Down South business. While Natalie had previously scorned his sewing, Paige has embraced how Craig has turned his hobby into a lucrative business. Paige has also turned her passion into a career. As a lover of fashion, she earns her living as an influencer and has deals with Amazon and Express. She also regularly poses with Craig to post content for Sewing Down South.

Craig and Paige seem to be moving in the same direction and have their sights set on getting married and having children one day. There has been talk of Paige possibly moving to Charleston permanently and crossing over to Southern Charm. Craig Conover has been in the process of renovating his house to make room for Paige and has even built her a closet. Fans would love to see Craig and Paige get married in the near future, and their wedding would be a Southern Charm first.

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