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Snowflake Mountain: Where To Find The Cast On Social Media

Snowflake Mountain: Where To Find The Cast On Social Media Image
  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 01:14 AM

If viewers loved following these Gen Z contestants on Netflix's Snowflake Mountain, they'll love following them on social media.

In June 2022, Netflix released a reality competition show called Snowflake Mountain that focused on entitled young adults who didn't know the value of hard work. Putting them to the test, the show's hosts (who were also survival experts), Matt Tate and Joel Graves, dropped them off in the middle of the forest to see who would be worthy of $50,000 after learning some valuable lessons.

As of this article's publishing, there is no season 2 in the works. However, the show garnered some hilarious reactions and a lot of talk. Although the series is over and a winner was chosen, viewers of the series can't help but want to follow the cast on their journey to redemption and self-discovery on a variety of social media accounts.


Solomon Patterson (@JesusXSolomon)

Solomon burned quite a few bridges on Snowflake Mountain. Unemployed and funded by his parents, Solomon's selfish attitude and dramatic outbursts rubbed viewers wrong. Viewers only judged Solomon more when he stole food during competition and lashed out at his castmates whenever he was called out.

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In the end, Solomon didn't last. Nowadays, viewers can find him on Instagram (@JesusXSolomon) where he's now an ordained minister. He can also be hired on Cameo or followed on Twitter (@Jesusxsolomon), TikTok (@Jesusxsolomon), and YouTube.

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Liam Brown (@LiamBr3wn)

Liam Brown was one of the final three finalists on Snowflake Mountain. He came a long way from being upset about his clothes and makeup to facing his fears and climbing the peak of a mountain. In all, Liam was one of the more lovable cast members with some unforgettable quotes on Snowflake Mountain.

According to Netflix, Liam moved out of his family's home after the show and is now living independently — twerking included! Liam can be followed on Instagram (@LiamBr3wn) for updates on his day-to-day life. He also has a Twitter (@LiamBrownn18) and TikTok (@LiamBr3wn).

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Francesca Geo (@FrancescaGeoo)

Francesca Geo was unlike the rest of the cast because she was added later as a threat after the series lost a few contestants. Francesca noted that she was capable of building shelter and starting a fire but that didn't mean she didn't also come from a life of privilege like the rest of the contestants.

Francesca wound up going far and did well on the series with her positive attitude. On Instagram (@FrancescaGeoo) Francesca shows photos of her hanging out with fellow Snowflake Mountain contestant Devon Smith. She can also be found on Twitter (@FrancescaGeorg).

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Devon Smith (@DevBabyDied)

Devon Smith was a unique cast member because she was the only vegan in the group. This made life incredibly hard for her on the mountain — especially when they had to learn how to skin a deer. Eventually, Devon cared less about the life she lived in New York City and focused on survival.

In the end, it would have been an unpopular opinion to dislike her on Snowflake Mountain because of how much she grew. These days, Devon is focusing on an acting career and can be followed on Twitter (@Devbabydied), Instagram (@DevbabyDied), and TikTok (@Devbabydied).

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Sunny Malik (@SunnyMalicc)

Sunny Malik was one of the more quiet contestants but he still had a lot to learn in terms of working hard for what was deserved. He was close with his family but even his loving mom admitted Sunny needed to find independence and fly away from the nest.

Sunny was one of the finalists and has since taken what he learned from the show and implemented it in real life. According to this Instagram (@SunnyMalicc), he is an aspiring documentary maker who is currently making a doc. on the music industry. Because of his interest in TV and music, he would make a great host for another reality TV series like Snowflake Mountain. Sunny can also be followed on TikTok (@SunnyMalicc).

Deandra (@Beau.dee.)

Snowflake Mountain wasn't the funniest reality TV show of all time but it sure did have hilarious moments that were too raw to be fake. Deandra was one cast member who was the funniest to watch. Her outgoing personality and hilarious sense of humor made her a star.

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And while she hated being in the wilderness, Deandra learned a lot about herself during her time on the show. It was because of her dedication to change that she ended up winning the $50,000 prize. Fans of Deandra's growth can follow her on Instagram (@Beau.dee), YouTube (Beau DEE), and TikTok (@Beaudee_).

Randy Wentworth (@Randy_Wentworth)

What made Snowflake Mountain a great family-friendly reality show was the teamwork element and sense of growth that the contestants went through. Randy seemed more mentally prepared for what to expect in the forest but he was still out of touch. He spent most of his time crushing on Devon and trying to impress her.

And while Randy didn't win the show, he learned valuable lessons about hard work that he uses today. Netflix noted that Randy has since focused on his wrestling career and is trying to make something of himself that way. Fans of his can follow his growth on Instagram (@Randy_Wentworth), Twitter (@Randywentworth7), TikTok (@Rany_wentworth), and YouTube (Randy Wentworth).

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Darriea Clark (@BabeFromTheSun)

Darriea Clark's family claimed she was lazy and had no motivation to do something important with her life. While in the wilderness, Darriea was hoping to find herself and do better when she made it out. Darriea learned quickly during the challenges and completed the mountain climb at the end.

Fans who appreciated her final outlook can find her updates on social media. Her daily activities can be seen on Instagram (@Babefromthesun) and TikTok (@Babefromthesun). She even released a book on her website titled Good Girl.

Carl Lariviere (@CarlLariviere1)

At the start, it seemed like Carl Lariviere would take home the cash prize. With a basketball in hand, Carl seemed strong and athletic — enough to get him through the harsh days in the wilderness without much else. However, during the final mountain climb, Carl tapped out and never completed the challenge.

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Since the show, Carl is now a model represented by Verge Models. To see more of his model photos and day-to-day life, fans can follow him on Instagram (@carllariviere1), Twitter (@Carllariviere0), and TikTok (@1Lariviere).

Olivia Lagaly (@OliviaLagaly)

There wasn't much to know about Olivia Lagaly because she tapped out on the first day. After meeting her castmates and the hosts and learning about the challenges she would be facing, she opted to end the challenge early and go home. It was a shocking decision considering it was day one.

If fans wanted to learn more about the lifestyle Olivia chose over the wilderness, they can listen to her podcast (Balanced It Girl) or follow her on Instagram (@OliviaLagaly).

Rae Hume (@RaeConnieJane)

Rae Hume became a beloved cast member on Snowflake Mountain. She was respectable, happy, and ultimately — the team's cheerleader. Although the big cash prize wasn't won by Rae, her evolution was amazing to watch.

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Living in the UK near fellow contestant Liam Brown, Rae has shared images on Instagram (@RaeConnieJane) of their hangouts. She also posts funny videos on TikTok (@Raeconniejane).

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