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RHOBH: Dorit Shares Reel Of Ramona’s Catwalk & Her ‘Chic’ Commentary

RHOBH: Dorit Shares Reel Of Ramona’s Catwalk & Her ‘Chic’ Commentary Image
  • Posted on 07th Aug, 2022 00:13 AM

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Dorit Kemsley took to Instagram to share a hilarious reel of RHONY's Ramona Singer's "chic" catwalk.

Fashion icon, influencer, and star of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Dorit Kemsley has recently taken to social media to share a hilarious and "chic" reel. Dorit is known for many things, including her appearances on reality television and social media presence. The RHOBH star has over one million followers on her Instagram account alone, and has a large number of fans eagerly awaiting to see Dorit's Instagram highlights.

Her followers can expect posts about her fashion line, celebrity friendships, and family, as well as some hilarious moments. Dorit regularly shares multiple reels, reposts, and memes, including videos that spark a lot of conversation. In the past, the RHOBH star was accused of being thirsty for attention and using her social media platforms as a way to gain more fame, but this isn't always the case. The reality star also offers fans a window into her family, sharing photos of her children that make it clear how dedicated Dorit is to being a great mom.


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But in a recent Instagram story, Dorit seemed to be piling on the laughs as she posted a hilarious clip of Ramona Singer, star of The Real Housewives of New York, doing quite the intense strut on a catwalk, with the catchphrase "so chic" typed below. The video itself is a viral clip that is most noteworthy for the star's serious expression and concentration, and has become somewhat of a meme amongst fans and viewers. Dorit even went on to post more stories captioned with her seemingly favorite catchphrase "so chic" after the catwalk clip.

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Dorit wasn't the only one bringing back the infamous strut to social media, as recently a RHONY alum, Jill Zarin, made a TikTok video having fun with the same footage. In the TikTok, RHONY star Jill can be seen mockingly mouthing the words to Ramona's critic as the clip plays, and has even compared the walk to that of a "giraffe or robot," calling it hysterical. But there are no hard feelings to be had as Jill went on to say, "No shade, love Ramona," with a heart emoji in the comments section of the video.

The footage of Ramona's catwalk has caused a few laughs from fellow Housewives and models, but there seems to be an umbrella of support between all the women involved. Although some have called Dorit "insufferable" in the past, this doesn't seem to be a case of drama or the start of a feud, rather The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star seems to be having a good time and focused on sharing laughs as of late. There appears to be a lot to focus on in her life, including her family, brands she has founded, and her fast-paced influencer lifestyle.

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Sources: Dorit Kemsley/Instagram, Jill Zarin/TikTok

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