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RHOA: Drew Blasted For Saying Sanya Should Have More Kids

RHOA: Drew Blasted For Saying Sanya Should Have More Kids Image
  • Posted on 04th Aug, 2022 22:14 PM

The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans blast Drew Sidora for judging Sanya Richards-Ross' decision to not have more children with her husband.

Drew Sidora is under fire with The Real Housewives of Atlanta fans after judging Sanya Richards-Ross for not wanting more children. Sanya and Aaron Ross are introducing viewers to their happy at-home life with their son, Aaron Jermaine Ross II, 5, whom they affectionately refer to as "Deucey." Aaron shared his desire to make Deuce a big brother and welcome another baby into the family. But with Aaron out on the road a lot of the time managing their car service business, Sanya doesn't think now is the right time to expand their family.

Sanya has also called Aaron out for not doing as much hands-on work when it came to caring for Deuce when he was a baby. Sanya knows that should they have another baby, a lot of the responsibility will fall on her. The baby debate spilled into the house party Sanya put together. All of the couples, and the singles, got a chance to hear both sides of Sanya and Aaron's baby dispute. Drew appeared to side with Aaron and told Sanya it was her "duty" as a wife to give her husband more children. Considering Drew and Sanya's ongoing feud, it looks like Drew might be shading the newcomer for not wanting more children.


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Drew appeared on Watch What Happens Live after the episode aired and explained her judgment of Sanya. "I believe that when you get married, two people have to be on the same page," Drew told Andy Cohen. Drew feels like because a woman is the one who carries the baby, it's her "duty" as a wife to do so. "If you don't have the baby, someone else will," Drew quipped, adding that "if that's what your husband wants, then he deserves that." Andy was quick to defend Sanya by reminding Drew that it's her "choice" to have another baby or not since it's her body. "You're sounding like the Supreme Court," Andy jokingly told Drew in reference to the recent decision to overturn Roe v. Wade. Andy wasn't the only one who took issue with Drew's stance. Fans took to the comments to further blast Drew for judging Sanya. "Shouldn’t we want others to WANT to have children not cuz it’s their 'duty'?" one fan asked.

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Drew's husband, Ralph Pittman, was sitting in the audience as she spoke. Fans noted the controversies surrounding Drew's own marriage and said she should focus on her family rather than someone else's. "Drew’s family is hanging by a thread," one user wrote. "I wouldn’t be bothered by her advice on my family dynamic." However, there were many others who understood Drew's opinion and thought Sanya and Aaron should be on the same page when it comes to expanding their family. If Aaron made it clear that he wanted more than one child going into the marriage, some fans think Sanya should be willing to honor something she might've agreed to.

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The baby debate will likely get discussed at the reunion. Drew expressed her eagerness to confront a few of the ladies at the RHOA season 14 reunion. Drew has been a standout in her second season on the Bravo reality series. She has been at the center of much of the drama this season, and viewers are taking a liking to what she's bringing to the show. Sanya should start preparing her clapbacks now because Drew is ready.

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The Real Housewives of Atlanta airs Sundays at 8 p.m. EDT on Bravo.

Source: Watch What Happens Live/YouTube

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