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Prey: The Most Powerful Yautja Weapons In The Predator Franchise, Ranked

Prey: The Most Powerful Yautja Weapons In The Predator Franchise, Ranked Image
  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 10:15 AM

The Yautja are an ancient race of technologically advanced hunters, and with that culture comes plenty of deadly weapons.

Prey (2022) is a fantastic movie that returns to the series' classic cat and mouse roots. Interestingly, the Feral Predator's weapons are also lower tech than previous Predators in the series. Even then, the tech he wielded was more than enough for the "primitive" technology of the 1700s.

That alone showcases how powerful Yautja technology is. Still, it's well-known that Yautja technology is far more advanced than what even the movies show audiences. The comics and video games also feature a lot of weapons that show the Yautja could conquer Earth if they wanted. They just wouldn't find it very fun.


10 Wristblade

The most iconic weapon of the Yautja, and oftentimes, the only one they need. Their retractable wristblades are made of a mysterious steel alloy that is practically weightless for its wielder. It also features wickedly serrated edges that can cut cleanly through bone.

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The wristblade is their signature weapon for good reason. With their entire culture built around being the apex hunters, it makes sense for their weapons to be natural extensions of their bodies. To wield a wristblade is wielding one's skill.

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9 Power Punch Glove

An alternative for the Yautja who prefer to get into scraps, the Power Punch Glove is a very simple and effective weapon. All it does is enhance a Yautja's already incredible punching power tenfold. With the power punch glove on, Yautja is capable of punching straight through solid concrete.

Unfortunately for many viewers, Alien vs Predator: Requiem, the first movie where the weapon shows up, is absurdly dark. That means the power of the weapon is unfortunately not seen very well. Concept art and the tie-in video game do show the gloves to be spiked on the knuckles though.

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8 Combistick

Where the wristblades don't quite do the job, Predators graduate to the combistick. The combistick is an equal parts melee and ranged weapon. It retracts and extends at will, making it a very unorthodox tool for foes to defend against. It's also made of the same strong metal the wristblades are.

The combistick is given to the Yautja after they have finished their first hunt. As one of the few "sentimental" weapons they have, most Predators decorate their combisticks throughout their life. It's essentially a memento of all the hunts they've come across, and it's the weapon Yautja is buried with upon honorable death.

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7 Net Launcher

The Net Launcher, as the name so subtly implies, launches nets. While that alone isn't much, what makes it so effective is what the net does. Once the target is pinned, the net immediately clings onto any surface and starts tightening fast. The metal wire mesh then painfully starts lacerating the target.

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The Net is very tough to cut with conventional tools. Many Yautja weapons are capable of cutting through it, but most races don't have that luxury. It's also vulnerable to Xenomorph acid, making it relatively useless as a restraining device against them.

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6 Electroshock Weapons

The Yautja also field an array of electroshock weapons in their arsenal. For the individual Yautja, they have electroshock bolas that they can use to subdue and knock out any targets it catches. They are a straightforward sci-fi improvement to the classic bolas design.

They also have tasers, usually only used for emergencies when an enemy gets too close to killing them. Lastly, their bigger weapons can be loaded with electroshock missiles. They are mostly used for disabling enemy technology and vehicles.

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5 Smart Disc

The Smart Disc is among the first clues people have that they're being hunted by the Yautja. While the wristblade and combistick are relatively low-tech, the Smart Disc is a highly advanced piece of technology. With built-in gyros, the weapon tracks opponents and returns to the wielder with ease.

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The Smart Disc is capable of slicing through entire groups of enemies with incredible precision. They can also shrink and expand in size at will. This makes them useful for any size opponent. Some Yautja, known as Disc Masters, are so skilled that they are capable of controlling the Smart Disc as Yondu does with his arrow.

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4 Plasmacaster

The Plasmacaster is the first real evidence that Yautja is not merely a race of savage aliens. The Plasmacaster is a long-range energy weapon with advanced targeting capabilities. They are a devastating weapon, capable of one-shotting pretty much any unarmored opponent. Despite its amazing power, it's looked down in Yautja society.

After all, the Plasmacaster's strength makes all hunts way too easy. The Yautja value old-school martial skills. The Plasmacaster provides neither. Therefore, they are mostly used as a last result, in emergencies such as when they are surrounded or against very strong foes such as a Xenomorph Queen.

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3 Blazer

The Blazer is essentially a crowd-clearing version of the Plasmacaster. The Yautja, contrary to what people might think, do have a standing military to be used in war. These Yautja belong to the Military Caste. They gain access to armor and weapons that would be considered dishonorable for a hunt.

The Blazer is one such example of their weapons. These specialized plasma casters incinerate hordes of enemies with a concentrated beam of heat. They are used specifically to fight against legions of Xenomorphs. The heat also has the benefit of cauterizing Xenomorphs, making their acid blood a moot threat.

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2 Pred-Gun

The Pred-Gun is a vehicle of war, and would never be seen in any hunt unless the Elders decide so. In the simplest of terms, it's basically an oversized Plasmacaster meant for destroying buildings, enemy vehicles, and entire armies.

The Pred-Gun is mobile, but it can only fire once it has anchored itself to the ground. They are often used as a defense weapon for crucial access points. For obvious reasons, the military caste is the only Yautja allowed to use these weapons of war.

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1 Self-Destruct Explosive

The Yautja never go on hunts without these powerful explosives strapped to their wrists. When they are on the verge of death, the Yautja initiates a self-destruct sequence that annihilates everything within range. The explosion is usually a blue tint, implying that it's an extension of their plasma technology.

The scale of the explosion varies by Hunter. Similar devices are also found on Yautja starships and are even stronger. One such starship was dangerous enough to level an entirely modern city, as seen in Predator: Concrete Jungle. These are considered an honorable form of death by Yautja, and also to remove all traces of their technology.

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