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Prey: 8 Times A Human Killed A Predator In The Entire Franchise

Prey: 8 Times A Human Killed A Predator In The Entire Franchise Image
  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 09:15 AM

The Predators are master hunters, but as the new movie Prey showed, they can still lose, even if it takes a special person to overcome them.

style="text-align: center;">WARNING: This article discusses MAJOR SPOILERS for Prey.

No matter how powerful a movie villain is, the heroes almost always find a way to overcome them. In horror movies like Prey, the humans almost always die in masses, and it takes a special person to finally stand up to the monster and end its threat. In all the solo Predator movies, there are humans who are able to withstand the attacks and prevail in the end.

There isn't a more dominant hunter in horror movies than the Predators, and from the first movie where they hunted Arnold Schwarzenegger, to the last, where they hunted a Native Comanche woman in the 1700s, they end up finding that someone that can outsmart and outlast them despite their overwhelming strength and power.

Dutch In Predator (1987)

The first Predator movie saw a group of mercenaries dropped into a South American country. Their goal was to rescue hostages from a rebel group, but the real reason was to stop a Soviet threat. After dealing with all the rebels, they ended up in a life-or-death battle with a Predator.

Everyone on the mercenary team died except for their leader, a man named Dutch. Played by Arnold Schwarzenegger, it was clear he would be the last man standing, and he used his brains and survival skills to trick the Predator, trap it, and finally deliver a killing blow, before allowing the alien to set explosives to end its own life.

Mike Harrigan In Predator 2 (1990)

The second Predator movie took place in 1997 in Los Angeles, which was overrun with gang violence on the streets. This meant that the Predator that arrived in L.A. could kill gang members for sport, and no one would know it because they were also killing each other.

It was not a trained military specialist like Dutch that killed this Predator, though. It was a cop played by Danny Glover. He found the Predator's ship and discovered its weapons and trophies. His tenacity and determination kept him alive until the end, when he used one of the Predator's own weapons to kill him.

The Military In Alien Vs. Predators: Requiem (2007)

The lowest-rated Predator movie on Rotten Tomatoes was Alien vs. Predator: Requiem. This was a sequel to the original AVP movie that was the first where no human killed a Predator in the running time. However, that changed in the sequel.

The Predator Wolf was in a death battle with the Predalien, and he was actively protecting humans from the beast. However, the military decided to step in and dropped a nuclear bomb onto the city, killing the Predator, Prealien, and all the innocent people still on the ground there.

Nikolai Killed The Tracker In Predators (2010)

In Predators, there were four main Predators in the movie, three that were alpha hunters and one that was a prisoner of the others. While these Predators are some of the best to show up in the franchise, they all died. The only one that a human didn't kill was the prisoner, which the Berserker Predator eliminated.

The first to die was the Tracker Predator. This scene occurred when Nikolai lured the Predator into a trap. He knew he wouldn't make it out alive, so he sacrificed his own life to kill it by blowing up both of them.

Hanzo Killed The Falconer In Predators (2010)

One of the best kills in Predators came with Hanzo. This happened right after Nikolai killed the Tracker, and then Hanzo began a fight with the Falconer. It all happened in a samurai-styled sword fight.

Predators are not invincible, and the franchise showed they can die with well-placed stabbings or decapitations. In this case, Hanzo battled the Predator and killed him with a masterful sword thrust, although Hanzo also died in the same battle due to his injuries.

Royce Killed The Berserker In Predators (2010)

The third and final human-killed Predator in Predators was the Berserker Predator. He had just slaughtered the formerly captive Predator by decapitating him and went after one of the final survivors in Royce.

This was a case where Royce had enough to kill the Predator, but he needed some help. Just as Berserker was about to defeat him, Isabelle gets the sniper rifle and wounds the Predator. This allowed Wyatt to grab an ax and decapitate the alien hunter.

Quinn In The Predator (2018)

In 2018's The Predator, there are two Predators that show up, and the main protagonist Quinn faces both of them. Quinn was the only human in the movie to kill a Predator, and it makes sense since he was the only one with experience against one.

Quinn faced the Fugitive Predator at the start and survived, while also stealing some of his tech. In the end, Quinn killed the Ultimate Predator, using their tech against them. He was able to cloak himself and then used an explosive device and several headshots to kill him.

Naru In Prey (2022)

In the new movie Prey, director Dan Trachtenberg took the story back to the 1700s and showed that the Predators had come to Earth to hunt for much longer than anyone expected. In this, he ended up killing lots of Native Comanche as well as French explorers.

The only person to kill the Predator was a young woman named Naru. This was one of the more satisfying Predator kills, as she was able to use her brains and intelligence to learn how the Predator killed, and then she turned it back around on him in the end.

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