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Pokémon GO: Bug Out Limited Time Event Guide

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  • Posted on 06th Aug, 2022 15:28 PM

Pokémon GO's newest event brings a host of new raids, research tasks, collection challenges, and the debut of Alola's Bug-type Pokémon Grubbin.

style="font-weight: 400;">Pokémon GO is re-releasing a limited-time event celebrating Bug-types, “Bug Out!” featuring a crop of new raid battles, increased Bug-type encounters, and special field research rewards. Notably, the Larva Pokémon Grubbin and its evolutions, Charjabug and Vikavolt, will be debuting in Pokémon GO. Plus, a global buff for 2x Catching XP when completing a Nice, Great, or Excellent Throw, will be available. Co-occurring with many other August Events in Pokémon GO, "Bug Out!" begins on Wednesday, August 10th, at 10AM and runs until Tuesday, August 16th, at 8PM, local time.


The Alola Region’s Grubbin will be coming to Pokémon GO for the first time during this event. It is able to evolve into Charjabug when given 25 Grubbin candies, and evolves again into Vikavolt when given 100 Grubbin candies in proximity to an active Magnetic Lure Module. While Grubbin is a pure Bug-type, it gains the Electric-type when evolved into Charjabug and Vikavolt. Besides Joltik and Galvantula, this is the only evolutionary line possessing this type of combination. As of now, neither Joltik nor Grubbin are available to find as shiny. Joltik and Galvantula in Pokémon GO are also available during the Spotlight Hour at the end of the event, on August 16th.

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New Raid Battles of all kinds will be appearing during the event, with some rare encounters and chances at capturing a shiny. In one-star raids, players can expect to see Paras*, Pineco* and Joltik. In three-star raids, Venomoth, Pinsir*, Forretress, and Shuckle* will return. A special five-star Raid with the Mythical Pokémon Genesect (Chill Drive) and Mega-Raid Scizor* will be the best challenges players can find during the event.

"Bug Out!" Event Encounters in Pokémon GO

Wild Encounters

As with all Pokémon GO Events, a new crop of wild encounters will be boosted during the event window, some appearing as shiny:

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  • Caterpie*
  • Weedle*
  • Ledyba*
  • Spinarak*
  • Pineco* (rare encounter)
  • Yanma*
  • Wurmple*
  • Surskit
  • Kricketot*
  • Skorupi* (rare encounter)
  • Venipede*
  • Karrablast*
  • Shelmet*
  • Dwebble* (rare encounter)
  • Joltik
  • Grubbin
  • Dewpider

These Bug-types are potentially great additions when countering Psychic-type Raids in Pokémon GO.

Field Research Encounters

Event-based Field Research Tasks will be distributed during the event, giving players the chance to encounter any of the following Pokémon upon completion.

  • Caterpie*
  • Weedle*
  • Paras*
  • Venonat*
  • Ledyba*
  • Spinarak*
  • Yanma*
  • Silcoon and Cascoon
  • Nincada*
  • Volbeat* and Illumise*
  • Kricketot
  • Burmy* (all forms)
  • Combee*
  • Sewaddle
  • Venipede*
  • Dwebble*
  • Karrablast*
  • Shelmet*
  • Grubbin
  • Dewpider
  • Wimpod
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Raid Bonus Encounters for Groups

Bonus-encounters, available after a Raid when completed with a group of three or more players, will be available uniquely every day during the event. The bonus only lasts for 15 minutes and in an area around the Raid location, meaning this is restricted to in-person Raids in Pokémon GO.

  • August 10: Wurmple*
  • August 11: Caterpie*
  • August 12: Spinarak*
  • August 13: Venipede*
  • August 14: Kricketot*
  • August 15: Weedle*
  • August 16: Ledyba*

Pokémon marked with an asterisk(*) can be encountered as shiny.

These encounter buffs will be helpful when completing the Collection Challenge for this event. Upon completion, players will be granted 15,000XP and a new Bug Catcher Pose cosmetic.

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Pokémon GO is available now on iOS and Android.

Source: Pokemon GO Live

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