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Paranormal Activity 8 Targeting A 2023 Release Date

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  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 09:14 AM

The eighth installment in the found-footage horror franchise, Paranormal Activity: The Other Side, is reportedly eyeing a 2023 release date.

The eighth installment in the found-footage horror franchise, Paranormal Activity: The Other Side, is reportedly eyeing a 2023 release date. Released in 2009, the first Paranormal Activity movie from Oren Peli focuses on a young couple, Katie and Micah, who began to record strange occurrences around their home after they believe they are being haunted by a supernatural presence. The success of the first film, which grossed $193 million on a mere $215,000 production budget, spawned three direct sequels and two spinoffs, all of which largely connect to the original mythology.


Released last year, Paranormal Activity: Next Of Kin attempted to reboot the franchise for a new generation. The film contained no direct connections to previous installments, though it did continue the franchise's found-footage format. Soon after Next of Kin's release on Paramount+, it became clear that an eighth installment was in the works. Tentatively titled Paranormal Activity: The Other Side, the upcoming film has a script written by Peli that returns to the franchise's original storyline. Slender Man: Origins' Wincent Sommers is also reportedly on board as director alongside a cast that includes Chethrin Schulze, Tamara Hitz, Nika Sofie, and Chany Dakota.

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Now, it appears Paranormal Activity 8 will be arriving sooner than expected. According to Variety, the franchise's eighth installment is "currently eyeing a 2023 release" date. The trade supplied no further information about the upcoming installment, though this is the first official indication it could be arriving as soon as next year.

At the height of Paranormal Activity's popularity during the early 2010s, the horror franchise saw annual releases which reliably grossed over $100 million at the box office on small production budgets. As that popularity has waned with recent spinoffs, Next of Kin opted to skip theaters entirely and release exclusively on Paramount+ during a time when COVID-19 cases were surging. Now, as coronavirus cases continue to decline, it's unclear if Paranormal Activity 8 will also go straight to streaming or return the franchise to its former theatrical glory. The Other Side's connection to the rest of the franchise could make a solid case for releasing it in theaters, as it might pull back those who were put off by Next of Kin.

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In the past, the Paranormal Activity franchise has famously been a flagship for Blumhouse Productions, thought there is a good chance Jason Blum won't be back to produce the eighth installment. Blum recently said the last Paranormal Activity movie, Next of Kin, was "terrible" and suggested it may be time for the franchise to end. However, with an eighth installment planned for next year, Paramount appears to be moving on without the producer's involvement. All but one of the Paranormal Activity movies have premiered during spooky season, so if this latest report is true, expect to see Paranormal Activity: The Other Side released in late October 2023.

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Source: Variety

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