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One Piece Finally Confirms the New Straw Hat, Settling a Big Debate

One Piece Finally Confirms the New Straw Hat, Settling a Big Debate Image
  • Posted on 07th Aug, 2022 11:13 AM

After months of debates that split the fandom, One Piece finally settled the question of who is going to be the final member of the Straw Hats.

style="text-align: center;">Warning: contains spoilers for One Piece chapter #1055

After months of debates that split the fandom in two, One Piece finally settled the question of who is going to be the next, and final, member of the Straw Hat Pirates. Despite Yamato's declaration of wanting to join Luffy's crew, many readers still believed that they would remain in Wano, but chapter #1055 ended the debate once and for all.

In the very first chapter of the series, right after setting sail for his grand adventure, Luffy declared that he would get a pirate crew of 10 members. For 25 years, One Piece's author Eiichiro Oda stayed true to that statement, and slowly introduced nine characters who joined Luffy's Straw Hat Pirates. With just one more spot to fill, it seemed natural that the final member would be recruited on Wano, the setting of the most important arc in the manga to date. There were a few candidates, but the one who stood out the most was Yamato, the daughter of Kaido, the strongest villain who appeared in the series so far. Yamato is also incredibly powerful, and their strongest desire was to get free from their tyrannical father and explore the world, so she seemed a perfect fit. However, many fans still doubted this and believed that Yamato would remain in Wano to take on the duty of Shogun, while the rightful ruler, Momonosuke, would perhaps join the crew.


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Despite Yamato's proclamation that they would join the Straw Hats in chapter #1051, some readers were still debating that they needed to stay back in order to protect the country from external enemies (especially the World Government), now that Kaido was gone. However, in chapter #1055, during a battle against the Marine Admiral Ryokugyu, who invaded Wano hoping to take Luffy's head, Momonosuke and his retainers step up to defend the Straw Hats. Momo explicitly tells Yamato to not interfere in the fight, and that he will handle it to prove that Wano is, indeed protected. Yamato has been a prisoner in Kaido's fortress for years, and this is their chance to be free, so Momo wants to give them a proper send-off. The samurai of Wano and its Shogun will protect the country from now on.

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This exchange proves without a doubt that Momonosuke will stay behind and act as the proper ruler of Wano, while Yamato will set sails with the Straw Hats. It is true that Luffy still has to give his approval yet, but it's mostly a formality. Yamato worships Kozuki Oden (Momo's father) as a hero, to the point that they call themselves Oden and use male pronouns. Oden joined the former Pirate King, Gol D. Roger, on his journey, so it's only natural that Yamato will join who she believes will be the next Pirate King, Luffy. Also, it makes perfect sense for Momonosuke's story that he stays back. He proved he has grown up through his tribulations, and can now step in his father's shoes and give Wano the ruler it deserves after twenty years of slavery under Kaido. Yamato and Momo represent two different sides of Oden, the adventurous explorer and the beloved ruler, and they will each follow their specific path.

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Yamato will certainly make a great addition to the Straw Hats. Her powerful Devil Fruit and Conqueror Haki abilities put her among the strongest fighters in the crew, and her silly and often ridiculous personality makes her a perfect fit for the Straw Hats. One Piece fans who did not want to see this happen will have to come to terms with the fact that the debate is settled and Yamato is the final member of the Straw Hats.

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