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One Oracle Quote Proves She Should Be Leading the Justice League

One Oracle Quote Proves She Should Be Leading the Justice League Image
  • Posted on 07th Aug, 2022 21:14 PM

Though years have passed since Oracle last left Gotham, DC should take note of this major character and put her where she belongs: the Justice League.

Just one Oracle moment absolutely proves she should be leading the entire Justice League. Even the staunchest Barbara Gordon fans often forget that Oracle was once an integral member of the JLA. As Oracle continues to make her triumphant return to Gotham City, DC Comics should consider promoting her character back to the big leagues, where she can make a larger impact on the DC Universe.

Barbara Gordon may have begun her crime-fighting career as Batgirl, but she has fought her greatest battles as the techno-spy Oracle. After being paralyzed by the Joker in the controversial Killing Joke Batman story, Babs reinvented herself behind the computer and in the ears of practically every team across the DCU: the Suicide Squad, the Bat-Family, and especially the Justice League. Before the New 52 era de-aged Babs and returned her to the Batgirl cowl, she was one of the most powerful characters in any "family" or context.


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Calling Oracle one of the most powerful figures in the DC Universe is not an exaggeration, and even Barbara knows it. In JLA: Classified #14 by Warren Ellis, Butch Guice, David Baron, and Phil Balsman, the Justice League is captured by the intergalactic god known only as Z. Separated from each other and in grave danger, only Oracle remains. Despite the threat, she is confident in herself, saying "The JLA have not been lost. Because I'm still here." She then starts working on rescuing the team, despite the loss of huge heavy-hitters like Superman and Wonder Woman. Oracle simply does her job, and she does it well.

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This conflict and scene proves just how tough Barbara Gordon can be, especially in her role as Oracle. Even when the "big guns" of the JLA are down for the count, she buckles down and gets to work, knowing she herself can carry the weight of the Justice League. Later in the issue, she even points out that, with so much knowledge at her fingertips, she has more power than the US president—at the very least. Barbara Gordon saves the Justice League from this issue's threat, Z, putting her on the level of a "god" who has killed entire worlds, ultimately proving that Babs has the guts, the power, and the mind to be back in charge of the world's most important superhero team.

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With one turn of phrase, Barbara Gordon proves that Oracle has what it takes to lead the Justice League. Though many years have passed since Oracle last stepped out of Gotham and into the big leagues, it's high time DC once again took note of this major character and put her where she belongs. The Bat-Family might rely on and truly love Oracle, but the rest of the world needs her—sometimes she's the only one left to save the Justice League.

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