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New Street Fighter 6 Fighters Revealed In Colorful Trailer

New Street Fighter 6 Fighters Revealed In Colorful Trailer Image
  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 07:45 AM

The newest Street Fighter 6 trailer shows off colorful graphics and a pair of new playable characters: the energetic Kimberly and the ruthless Juri.

Capcom has just unveiled two new playable Street Fighter 6 characters in a dazzling trailer during last night’s Evolution Championship Series 2022 fighting game tournament livestream. A brand-new installment of the legendary Street Fighter franchise was announced back in February, with a cryptic countdown timer building up to the reveal of an aged and bearded Ryu facing off against Street Fighter 5 newcomer Luke in a short-but-intense Street Fighter 6 teaser trailer.

Since that action-packed moment, Capcom has been steadily peeling back the curtain on the many new features that Street Fighter 6 will bring to the series, including the open-world World Tour story campaign and an increased emphasis on visually-captivating graphics and the street-culture esthetic. Many changes are coming to the battlefield as well, as Street Fighter 6 will introduce dynamic real-time commentary that can assist players during long battles and a custom Game Face feature that will allow players to add more personality to Street Fighter 6’s traditional Versus loading screens. Of course, Street Fighter 6’s main draw will ultimately be the game’s roster of larger-than-life combatants, and recent Street Fighter 6 trailers have highlighted returning fan favorites like Guile and Chun-Li.


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Yesterday’s EVO 2022 livestream event saw the reveal of two more Street Fighter 6 characters in a colorful and action-packed new trailer. This new Street Fighter 6 trailer, which was later posted for all to see on the official Street Fighter Twitter account, starts by showing off Kimberly - a spunky and energetic ninja who was first hinted at in an earlier Street Fighter 6 trailer before being revealed in full here. The braid-wearing young warrior takes down her enemies with rapid kicks and powerful wrestling-style suplexes before unleashing a spray paint-filled finishing move. The trailer then takes a darker turn as it switches focus toward Juri Han, a sadistic martial artist who made her first appearance in 2010’s Super Street Fighter IV before returning in Street Fighter 5. She’s seemingly every bit as deadly in Street Fighter 6, dealing out taunts and brutal Taekwondo strikes to her unluckily opponent before unleashing her full power in an aerial finishing attack - and playfully taking a picture of her broken foe with her smartphone once the battle is over.

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Juri and Kimberly Arrive In Street Fighter 6’s Newest Trailer

The reveal of these two new Street Fighter 6 playable characters wasn’t the only exciting thing to come from this weekend’s EVO 2022 tournament, which featured skilled fighting game players from all over the world competing with each other on the Los Vegas stage. In between rounds of Guilty Gear Strive, Street Fighter 5, Skullgirls, Tekken 7, and MultiVersus, there were plenty of shocking announcements and events, such as a cryptic and nostalgic hint that Tekken 8 might be on the horizon.

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In the meantime, Capcom continues to build on the upcoming Street Fighter 6’s roster of playable combatants with its recent look at the spunky Kimberly and the sinister Juri - as well as show off the game’s colorful, street-inspired visual style as these two lethal ladies unleash untold punishment on their opponents. Players will be able to step into the roles of Kimberly, Juri, and many other World Warriors both old and new once Street Fighter 6 launches sometime next year.

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