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My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 BTS Photos Confirm Filming Wrap

My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 BTS Photos Confirm Filming Wrap Image
  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 16:14 PM

Director, writer, and star Nia Vardalos confirms filming has wrapped on My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 by sharing new behind-the-scenes photos.

Nia Vardalos shares new behind-the-scenes photos from My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 that confirm filming has wrapped. Based loosely on Vardalos' personal experiences, My Big Fat Greek Wedding was released in 2002. Written by Vardalos in her screenplay debut, the independent film became a runaway success and is celebrated as the highest-grossing romantic comedy of all time. 

Directed by Joel Zwick, My Big Fat Greek Wedding centers on Toula Portokalos, a single 30-something Greek-American woman who falls in love with non-Greek school teacher Ian Miller (John Corbett). Co-starring the late Michael Constantine and Lainie Kazan as Toula's boisterous parents, My Big Fat Greek Wedding received ample praise for its accurate portrayal of Greek-American life, hilarious one-liners, and stellar supporting cast. Following its massive box office success, the film spawned one season of a sequel TV series and the 2016 film My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2. In 2021, Vardalos announced a third installment. Directed by her, My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 began production this summer in Greece.


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New photos have emerged that offer the latest update on the highly-anticipated film. Posted by Vardalos on Instagram, behind-the-scenes images from My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 confirm filming has wrapped. In the post, which features Vardalos, Corbett, and various crew members, the director expresses her thanks to the town of Varipatades, Corfu, Greece. Check out the photos below:

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Those who have enjoyed the My Big Fat Greek Wedding franchise over the years can expect plenty of Portokalos family antics in the third film, as teased in the new images. Much of the original cast returns for the movie, including Gia Carides, Joey Fatone, Louis Mandylor, and Andrea Martin, who plays fan-favorite Aunt Voula. Sadly, Constantine, who played Toula's Windex-toting father Gus, passed away in 2021 and could not begin filming on the project. However, Vardalos has expressed that My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 will pay tribute to Constantine and the actor's charming and memorable performance as Gus.

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For now, plot details for My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 remain under wraps, and it's unknown if the film will release theatrically or head straight to a streaming service. Of course, the third movie in the franchise could follow Toula and Ian handling the extended members of the Portokalos family as they plan the wedding of their daughter, Paris (Elena Kampouris). Now that My Big Fat Greek Wedding 3 has wrapped, Vardalos could share more details on the upcoming film soon.

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Source: Nia Vardalos

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