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MultiVersus Is Even More Approachable Than Smash Bros.

MultiVersus Is Even More Approachable Than Smash Bros. Image
  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 14:28 PM

On the heels of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, a very approachable fighting game, MultiVersus is even more approachable thanks to its gameplay and cost.

Surpassing Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, one of the most approachable fighting games ever, MultiVersus is even more accessible thanks to its gameplay and cost. The Super Smash Bros. series is known for being approachable, and can even be considered a party game thanks to its simplistic controls, use of items, and roster full of familiar characters across many genres. However, MultiVersus builds off of Smash's features to be even easier for newcomers to fighting games to play.

Since its open beta launch on July 26, MultiVersus has been gaining a sizeable audience, and has quickly become a rival to Super Smash Bros. While other challengers for the top dog in the platform fighting genre like Nickelodeon All-Star Brawl and Rivals of Aether have struggled to sustain interest beyond launch, MultiVersus has started strong and grown its playerbase via word-of-mouth praise and streaming coverage. IP popularity, character personality, and ease of learning for newcomers are areas that MultiVersus establishes itself as a burgeoning title, and are reasons for the game's strong start.


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MultiVersus is even better than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate when it comes to the way players can learn mechanics in-game. Gameplay features like an in-depth tutorial and increased air movement put MultiVersus above Smash when it comes to educational content and accessible mechanics. In addition, the free-to-play model of MultiVersus makes it even more approachable, getting rid of the financial barrier to play the game, barring spending players may do to unlock all the characters in MultiVersus' roster.

Gameplay Changes & A New Business Model Make MultiVersus Very Newcomer-Friendly

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MultiVersus makes a couple of key changes that makes it easier for a newcomer to pick up than Super Smash Bros. First is improved control in the air. In Smash, players get one extra jump and a special move to gain height. On the other hand, players in MultiVersus get two jumps, two special moves, and two dodges to gain height. In addition, players can wall jump continually to get back to the stage.

All of these new changes are communicated well, too, with a well-done tutorial. Super Smash Bros. does have a tutorial, but compared to the tutorials in MultiVersus, the offerings in Smash are pretty barebones. These tutorials won't teach you how to play specific characters like the next two MultiVersus characters, Rick & Morty, but they do go in-depth on obscure mechanics, like directional influence. This is a feature in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, but it's never taught to the players in-game, leaving them on their own to find resources on the mechanic on the Internet. MultiVersus' tutorial keeps players in the game and engaged.

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In addition to the gameplay itself, MultiVersus' business model makes it attractive to new players. Free-to-play means any players who own an Xbox, PS4 or PS5, or PC, can download the game and at least try it. Players will be at the mercy of the game's free rotation of characters at first, but can earn coins to purchase their favorite characters quite quickly and enjoy playing as their favorite WB characters for free, as opposed to paying for a new full price game. Overall, thanks to both its business model, gameplay enhancements, and deep tutorial, MultiVersus is even more newcomer-friendly than Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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