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Moon Knight Still Has One Element The MCU Can Never Copy

Moon Knight Still Has One Element The MCU Can Never Copy Image
  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 07:45 AM

While the MCU version of Moon Knight is a fairly accurate representation of Khonshu's avatar, there's one comics element it can't adapt the same way.

style="text-align: center;">Warning! Spoilers ahead for Moon Knight #14

In the latest issue of Marvel's new Moon Knight comic series, Marc Spector's alternate personalities have finally returned to prove there's an element about Khonshu's avatar the MCU can't copy. While it's been revealed that Marc had been keeping his alters at bay since the beginning of his new series, Steven Grant and Jake Lockley are done standing by while Spector implodes, especially not when they can all work together to help him be the best Moon Knight he can be.

The MCU took a different approach with Oscar Isaac's Marc Spector and his Dissociative Identity Disorder. Rather than having different personalities with Marc being Moon Knight, the MCU saw Marc being the more traditional Moon Knight while Steve Grant became Mr. Knight (rather than Mr. Knight simply being Marc's other costume he wears when meeting with police or victims seeking his help). Likewise, neither Marc nor Jake is fully aware of Jake Lockley in the MCU, revealed to be a third alter who still serves Khonshu following the end of the first season.


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In comparison, Moon Knight's personalities are far more cooperative in the comics (or at least they should be). While Marc was determined to stay in the driver's seat ever since "The Age of Khonshu" storyline where the moon god forced his Moon Knight to fight the Avengers, Steven and Jake are done with this agreement in the new Moon Knight #14 from Jed MacKay and Allessandro Cappuccio. As such, the two of them meet with Marc, convincing him that they and his DID as a whole are not the sources of his problems. They can actually be his greatest strength provided Marc lets them in, allowing Steve and Jake to help him become the best Moon Knight he can be by no longer operating at one-third of his full capacity.

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By agreeing to start working with Jake and Steven once more, the comics' Moon Knight can do something the MCU currenlty can't. While Marc and his alters can work together to become a better Moon Knight, the MCU versions of Marc, Steven, and Jake are more isolated. Even when Marc and Steven work together in the series' final battle against Ethan Hawke's Arthur Harrow, they had to take turns between being Moon Knight and Mr. Knight (rather than working simultaneously as one singular Fist of Justice).

While there isn't one depiction of Moon Knight that's inherently better than the other, there is something to be said for three personalities coming together to make one hero who's stronger than if they were apart. As such, it's going to be exciting to see Moon Knight becoming a better hero now that he's agreed to start working with Steven and Jake again. Moon Knight #14 is on sale now.

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