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MCU: 10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Black Widow As A Character

MCU: 10 Quotes That Perfectly Sum Up Black Widow As A Character Image
  • Posted on 05th Aug, 2022 13:15 PM

There are a number of great quotes from Black Widow that do a very thorough job of summing up her very compelling character and personality.

The release and success of Marvel’s series Ms. Marvel reveals the extent to which there is still a thirst for powerful female protagonists in the MCU. Of course, one of the most famous women of the franchise was Black Widow, who was a mainstay of the Avengers and finally received her own movie after years of fans begging for it.

Though she is arguably one of the MCU’s most complex characters–with many hidden layers that only slowly become apparent–a number of quotes throughout the film series do a strong job of summing up her entire personality.

‘That's Not Up To You.’

Iron Man 2 (2010)


From the very beginning, it was clear that Black Widow wasn’t someone who was going to take being bossed around by anyone else. As this quote amply demonstrates, she has the power and the ability to stand up for herself against anyone who tries to set themselves against her.

Just as importantly, however, it also shows how intelligent she is and how well she understands how power works, who has it, and who has the right to use it against her (and, significantly, who does not).

‘Hey, Fellas. Either One Of You Know Where The Smithsonian Is? I’m Here To Pick Up A Fossil.’

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

The bond between Black Widow and Captain America is one of the most important in the series, and it’s clear that they both have a great deal of affection for each other. At the same time, Black Widow also makes it clear that she doesn’t feel the need to take Cap as seriously as he takes himself.

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As this quote makes clear, she’s more than willing to take him down a peg or two when she thinks he needs it, and it’s for this reason that she is one of the most valuable people in his life.

‘I Only Act Like I Know Everything, Rogers.’

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

There’s no question that Black Widow is one of the most intelligent characters in the MCU. She has a keen understanding of how the world works, and she’s not afraid to use her knowledge.

What is truly remarkable, however, is the extent to which she is also able to admit that she doesn’t know something. That she is capable of having this sort of vulnerability with Steve is an indication of just how much she trusts him, and it shows how willing she is to know herself.

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‘But We’re Also The Ones Best Qualified To Defend It..’

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014)

In many ways, Black Widow is one of the most powerful characters in the MCU. While she may not have the sorceress powers of Scarlet Witch or the powerful suit of Iron Man, she nevertheless has a unflappable inner strength that is the match of anyone else in the Avengers.

This line is an ample illustration of that inner ferocity, and it shows the extent to which she is willing to stand up for not only herself but also for the Avengers and for the good that they do in the world.

‘Staying Together Is More Important Than How We Stay Together.’

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Part of what makes the MCU one of the most successful franchises in the world is its ability to craft characters who work well both together and separately. For someone like Black Widow, it is the former that takes priority, as this quote makes clear.

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Unlike many of the other members of the Avengers, who tend to let their egos get in the way, Black Widow has a keen understanding of the bigger picture and, since they have given her one of the few families she’s ever had, it’s all the more important to her that they stay together.

‘She's Not Alone.’

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Black Widow repeatedly shows that she is the type of person who will always show up when others need her. This quote, for example, is a particularly notable instance, in that she shows herself willing to defend one of her comrades, even at significant risk to herself.

It is a moment that becomes all the more vital in that it brings together the various female superheroes in a powerful moment of solidarity. Scarlet Witch will never be the type of person to let her friends fight alone.

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‘You Know, If You’re About To Tell Me To Look On The Bright Side—I’m About To Hit You In The Head With A Peanut Butter Sandwich.’

Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Despite her typically serious demeanor, Black Widow is responsible for some of the funniest lines in the MCU. In part, this stems from Scarlett Johansson’s delivery, because she manages to capture the character’s very sarcastic sense of humor. However, this line is especially significant for what it reveals about her personality.

While she’s not the type to give up easily, she is one of the most logical and pragmatic of the Avengers, and this line expresses this fundamental aspect of her character very well.

‘Even If There’s A Small Chance That We Can Undo This, I Mean, We Owe It To Everyone Who Is Not In This Room To Try.’

Avengers: Endgame (2019)

There are many reasons why Black Widow should be seen as one of the best characters in the MCU. For instance, her willingness to do the right and the brave thing is arguably one of the most prominent and admirable aspects of her character.

In this case, she makes the case for why it is absolutely necessary to fight back against the genocide that Thanos has committed against the universe. It’s a stirring moment, and it perfectly crystallizes the fundamental nobility that is at the heart of Black Widow’s character.

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‘Whatever It Takes.’

Avengers: Endgame (2019)

Of the many heartbreaking moments that appear in the MCU, arguably one of the most wrenching is when Black Widow realizes that it might be necessary to sacrifice her own life so that the Snap can be undone. It’s a moment that truly does capture the essence of Black Widow’s character.

She is the type of person who is more than willing to give up her own life if it means that others will be saved, and the fact that she is not resurrected makes her act all that much more powerful.

‘Pain Only Makes Us Stronger.’

Black Widow (2021)

When she finally got her own movie, it was a bit of a revelation, and it shed some much-needed light on Black Widow’s character. This quote is a particularly memorable one, precisely because it shows the viewer just how much she has internalized this particular attitude.

Indeed, as the movies that take place later in her life reveal, she is someone who doesn’t shy away from pain but instead views it as an essential part of the world in which she lives and the life she has decided to pursue.

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