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Marvel's Prehistoric Spider-Man Is King of The Dinosaurs

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  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 08:29 AM

Introduced in Marvel's new Edge of the Spider-Verse, Pter Ptarker is a brand new Spider-Man variant with powers of Jurassic proportions.

style="text-align: center;">Warning! Spoilers ahead for Edge of the Spider-Verse #1

In Marvel's new Edge of Spider-Verse series, a new prehistoric Spider-Man variant is introduced who's declared himself King of the Dinosaurs. Despite having one of the most bizarre origin stories, Pter Ptarker is no longer the dino-weakling he once was, now reborn as the intimidating Spider-Rex. Following this issue, the Jurassic Webslinger is ready to claim his place as one of the strangest yet most powerful spider heroes of all time.

Building toward the upcoming End of the Spider-Verse crossover event, Marvel's Edge of the Spider-Verse anthology series has returned to offer new looks as spider variants both old and new. As such, the new Edge of Spider-Verse #1 features short stories starring Spider-Laird, Araña, Spider-Noir, and the fearsome new Spider-Rex. Coming from writer Karla Pacheko and artist Pere Pérez, "Spider-Rex!!!" reveals the incredibly odd origins of the prehistoric Spider-Man from Earth-66 and how he learned the lesson every Spider-Man learns about power and responsibility.


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While Pter Ptarker was once a pterodactyl and victim of the T.rex "Norrannosaurman" and his velociraptor cronies, the prehistoric counterpart to Peter Parker is bitten by the T.rex just as both dinos are hit by a comet inexplicably covered in spiders. When the giant lizards wake up in Edge of the Spider-Verse #1, Ptarker is shocked to discover he's become a red and blue T.rex with white eyes (resembling the costume of Spider-Man). Likewise, Pter's foe has become a hybrid mix of a T.rex and pterodactyl bearing the green and purple colors of the Green Goblin. No longer afraid, the new Spider-Rex can shoot webs at his foes and swing from the trees overhead, declaring himself Earth-66's King of the Dinosaurs.

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For all of Spider-Rex's excitement about his newfound powers and strength, he does learn about the potential consequences rather quickly. Harming some nearby "dino-standers" during the battle with his Goblin-inspired foe, the end of the issue sees Spider-Rex learning that "with grraaah power, there must also come grrresponsibility". As such, it looks as though Spider-Rex is now ready to join his fellow Spider-Heroes just in time for The End of the Spider-Verse coming from Dan Slott and Mark Bagley in October.

It certainly seems as though Marvel knows it has a hit on its hands with Spider-Rex. Not only are toys of the prehistoric Spider-Man already available for purchase, there's even Spider-Rex costumes that can be pre-ordered for this Halloween. Clearly, this new Dino Spider-Man has been set up to become a truly iconic spider variant As such, it wouldn't be surprising if he had a cameo in Sony's animated Across the Spider-Verse film coming in 2023 as well.

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