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Marvel's Most Powerful Villain Is Nothing Against a Shocking MCU Hero

Marvel's Most Powerful Villain Is Nothing Against a Shocking MCU Hero Image
  • Posted on 09th Aug, 2022 06:45 AM

Out of every villain in Marvel Comics one of them stands above the rest as easily being the most powerful, yet he was defeated by a shocking MCU hero.

Throughout the entirety of the Marvel Comics multiverse, there are few characters more powerful than Molecule Man as he wields the ability to mentally control and manipulate the molecules of all matter and energy, allowing him to warp reality and even rebuild decimated universes–though apparently there is one shocking MCU hero who is able to take out Molecule Man like it’s nothing despite his immense amounts of power on a multiversal scale–a feat that was proven true in one epic crossover event.

While many fans were vocally disappointed by the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Eternals, it did succeed in shining a light on the more cosmic side of the MCU which expanded the established universe. Plus, the movie officially introduced the Eternals themselves who are incredibly powerful in both the MCU and in the source material of Marvel Comics. The Eternals are basically gods who were created by the Celestials to be the greatest beings in the universe as they do not age, wield extraordinary powers, and are incredibly hard to kill. While the Eternals played a much more subservient role to the Celestials in the film than they did during their initial run in Marvel Comics, their powers and characters were adequately similar, making the MCU’s Eternals a unique yet overall faithful adaptation from the comics. Even though each Eternal has proven themselves to be powerful in their own unique way, both in the MCU and the comics, one of the Eternals stands above the rest as perhaps the most powerful of them all as she was able to defeat a multiversal god-like being who can trump nearly every other Marvel character–and that Eternal is none other than Sersi.


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In JLA/Avengers #4 by Kurt Busiek and George Pérez, all of the heroes and villains of the Marvel and DC universes are thrown into a cross-dimensional arena of sorts and are battling it out in truly epic fashion with every Marvel and DC hero fighting against every Marvel and DC villain. In this final issue of the limited series, the heroes and villains are having their final showdown, one which pitted Sersi against Molecule Man–a fight that shockingly ended with Molecule Man embedded in stone and rendered completely powerless.

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Since Sersi was able to completely incapacitate Molecule Man, this fight implies that her power rivals that of the most powerful villains, the Beyonders. Molecule Man originally got his powers after he was involved in an accident at his atomic research lab, an accident that narrowly opened a rift between the physical world and the realm of the Beyonders. The Beyonders then imbued Molecule Man with his god-like power for their own questionable purposes, which ended up being their undoing as Molecule Man was eventually able to use their own power against them and successfully defeat the race of beings who exist outside of the multiverse and who wield power beyond understanding. Given Molecule Man’s impossibly powerful abilities, it is shocking to imagine that any hero or villain in the Marvel Universe could defeat him with the normal application of their powers, though Sersi proves it can, in fact, be done.

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It is unclear exactly how Sersi managed to amass that amount of energy to defeat Molecule Man as their fight happened off-panel and readers only saw the end result of Molecule Man’s defeat, but what is clear is that this achievement makes the Eternal a true god-killer, and perhaps even the strongest warrior in Marvel Comics. Despite Molecule Man’s proven feats of unparalleled power, Sersi–who is perhaps the one of most surprising MCU heroes to have been able to pull this off–defeats him like it’s nothing, thereby elevating her own status as a Marvel Comics powerhouse.

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