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Marvel's Avengers Leaker Teases Captain Marvel Update

Marvel's Avengers Leaker Teases Captain Marvel Update Image
  • Posted on 28th Jul, 2022 10:15 AM

A reliable Marvel's Avengers leaker hints that Captain Marvel could be coming in 2023, and teases new information surrounding other DLC heroes.

A new leak suggests that Carol Danvers, known as Captain Marvel, could be coming to Marvel’s Avengers at some point next year. While the future of Marvel’s Avengers has recently been called into question in the wake of developer Crystal Dynamics’ acquisition by Embracer Group back in May, the team behind 2020’s controversial superhero action title continues adding new characters to Marvel Avengers’ ever-growing roster of comic book icons. The most recent of these is Jane Foster as the Mighty Thor, who will potentially blast her way into the game just in time for her big-screen appearance in this summer’s Thor: Love and Thunder.


Carol Danvers’ existence in the world of Marvel’s Avengers has already been confirmed thanks to Kamala Khan (aka Ms. Marvel),  who is a fan of the army pilot-turned-alien-empowered super solider - just as she is in the comics and the recent Ms. Marvel Disney Plus live-action series. Captain America also mentions Danvers during the beginning of Marvel’s Avengers, stating that Captain Marvel is currently “off-world” and thus unable to lend her assistance during the events of the game. However, with Crystal Dynamics constantly bringing new heroes into Marvel’s Avengers through DLC updates, it may only be a matter of time before Carol returns to Earth to help Earth’s Mightiest Heroes in their never-ending battle against the forces of A.I.M.

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Twitter user and Marvel’s Avengers rumor tracker Miller recently hinted that Captain Marvel could be the next DLC character after Jane Foster, sharing an in-game poster of the space heroine and a mock-up of her original Ms. Marvel outfit as a potential alternate costume. In a related comment, Miller suggested that Carol could be added to Marvel’s Avengers as early as 2023, and claims to have “lots” of insider information regarding the equally teased Marvel's Avengers version of She-Hulk and Winter Solider. While none of this has been confirmed by Square Enix or Crystal Dynamics, it’s worth noting Miller has a pretty solid track record of predicting future Marvel’s Avengers DLC.

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Many fans speculate Winter Solider and She-Hulk will follow Captain Marvel into Marvel’s Avengers. Player-made Marvel’s Avengers content roadmaps surrounding the two heroes also hint at actors like Krizia Bajos lending their voices to these iconic characters in their next gaming appearance. However, while Crystal Dynamics previously teased an official, long-term content roadmap for 2022, the developer later revealed it would instead focus efforts on smaller Marvel’s Avengers updates and new heroes in the face of an uncertain time for both Crystal Dynamics and the game.

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There appears to be plenty of evidence that Captain Marvel is a part of these shorter-term Marvel’s Avengers plans, but nothing official has been set in stone regarding any future Marvel's Avengers DLC heroes after the Mighty Thor. Despite this, Carol Danvers would be a great choice for a new playable character in Marvel’s Avengers due to the game’s main plot being largely centered around Ms. Marvel and the Kree. Only time will tell if Captain Marvel will appear in a future Marvel’s Avengers update, but if the latest rumors are correct, her arrival could be sooner than originally anticipated.

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